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Puckcast: Patrick Kane Roundtable

Be forewarned, tonight’s Puckcast is not our usual yuckfest.  Fork, CT and Krista were joined by Tim Baffoe and Julie DiCaro to discuss various aspects of the Patrick Kane situation.  While I don’t think it’s particularly graphic, it is a pretty frank discussion of rape so, this is kind of a trigger warning if that’s something you cannot […]


  As the doldrums of the NHL offseason continue, so do our Puckcast.  Tonight, Fork, CT and Krista welcome Chris Wassel of The Program onto our…uh…program to discuss: CT is back from vacation where he modeled one of the shirts from the Hockeenight store It turns out Chris did not appear in the James Caan vehicle “The […]

Puckcast: Hockeenight Meets Lord Stabley

Big Chey looks like he's ready to do some grazing.

The Puckcast returns!  Fork, CT and Krista sit down with Lord Stabley from the hilarious Stabley Cap comic.  Topics include: Secaucus, New Jersey Brandon Saad Henrak American Dream Meadowlands Xanadu! Dinosaur BBQ Nobody brings up the draft, so we don’t talk about it, much to CT’s delight $20 shakes A hot dog is a sandwich

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