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Puckcast: Beware the Muppets

Tonight, Fork, CT and Krista are without a guest, and so they quickly get down to the business of giving you the in-depth hockey analysis on the internet. Well, that’s obviously wrong, here’s what they talked about instead: Westerns Scotch FanKings.com The Muppets murdered Fork’s grandfather Hockey cards Jesus Christ, Ron Wilson, what the hell? […]

Puckcast: Much Ado About Nothing

  So, tonight’s Puckcast features Fork, CT and Krista, shooting the shit about whatever they want. And here’s what they want to talk about: Stinging insects Swedes that take discounted contracts Military Academies that Fork has known Hockey Cards (see below) A-B-C Line Humor! The NHL’s 900 number Art Garfunkle      

Puckcast: #Junkoff

The Puckcast returns!  After a week off, Fork, CT and Krista are back, to talk aboutm, well, let’s see: The Blackhawks are in limbo Our new favorite site, The Hockey Press Seriously though, if you want a more in depth look at that site, go listen to Puckin’ Hostile‘s latest episode. With all hockey business […]

Puckcast: Patrick Kane Roundtable

Be forewarned, tonight’s Puckcast is not our usual yuckfest.  Fork, CT and Krista were joined by Tim Baffoe and Julie DiCaro to discuss various aspects of the Patrick Kane situation.  While I don’t think it’s particularly graphic, it is a pretty frank discussion of rape so, this is kind of a trigger warning if that’s something you cannot […]

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