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PUCKCAST: Women, Sports and Social Media

Tonight we had several guests… @JulieDiCaro @Philosophy_of_E @ToniMacAttack @RegressedPDO @NHLHistoryGirl @RunsOnDuncan Along with Hockeenight women Krista and Casey. We discuss sexism in sports social media, as well as in society in general. We cover where we’ve been able to make some progress, as well as where we still need to go. We also discussed racism […]

Meatball Surprise! Blackhawks 2, Scum 3 (SO)


  It was Braindead Meatball Christmas at the United Center tonight, with the Blackhawks hosting the “Magic Man” Pavel Datsyuk and his lowly band of miscreants, the Detroit Red Wings. Finally, those “Detroit Sucks!” chants emanating from the gaping pork-holes of UC super fans would have actual meaning instead of just garnering side-eye and requests […]

Wake Me When It’s Over: Hawks 3, Devils 1


If ever a team could be considered the root marm of the NHL, it is the New Jersey Devils.  There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing worth watching about this team. They are bad enough to be on the fringe of the McDavidstakes, but not comically bad enough to be entertaining. Sure they’ve got the Ghost of Jaromir Jagr, but has ceased to be interesting.  The Devils can’t even blame their badness on injuries, because all their injured players are terrible. Bryce Salvador? Ryane Clowe? Cripes.

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