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WHO NEEDS CLOCKS?: Blackhawks 3 Penguins 2 (SO)

Pengy's hideout just got sexier.

Tonight on Rivalry Wednesday(!) the Chicago Blackhawks squared off against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the latest chapter of their long-running heated rivalry that features…uh…one playoff series and one Stanley Cup Final over two decades ago. And of course the cinematic masterpiece “Sudden Death”. The Hawks jumped out to a two-zip lead early in the second […]

Yeowzers: Hawks 4, Wild 2



Welcome to Minnesota!  Land of 10,000 lakes.  Even now, if you look closely, you can see Wild GM Chuck Fletcher desperately searching for the proper lake to throw his floundering coach in to.  Yes, Mike Yeo is in Big Trouble.  His team is inconsistent, possibly because they spent eleventy billion dollars on like 4 players and 14 cents on goalers.  This has left Yeo grasping at straws, most recently publicly having a profanity-laced tirade at this team in practice, then subjecting them to a bag skate.  And he wants to be my latex salesman.

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