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IF IT BLEEDS YOU CAN KILL IT: Blackhawks 4, Predators 3 (2OT)

This is why you play three periods. Or more. Tonight the Nashville Predators came roaring out like Clubber Lang in the first fight of Rocky III before the Chicago Blackhawks woke up like Rocky Balboa in the secnd fight, just telling them “You ain’t so bad, you ain’t so bad” The Perds jumped out to […]

One Knee

“One knee.” When you’re learning on how to get up off the ice, you’re told to put one knee down and one knee up so that you can push up with your core strength and lift yourself up. For a neurotypical child, it will become instinct after practice. For a child with autism, it might […]

PUCKCAST: Hockeenight Meets Stace of Base

So, after an entire season of hilarity from Battle of California, Hockeenight finally got off our collective ass and managed to get Kings Ducks Stars? Shorks blogger Stace of Base on the Puckcast, and the results were outstanding.  What’d did we talk about? A hearty thanks to everyone who came out for GONNADRINKEN CT and Stace […]

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