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Detroit Wins the Cup…A Nation Weeps

DETROIT SUC...ah, crap.    

Well, once again, this marauding band of dickbags has won Lord Stanley’s Cup.  The Penguins whined as hard as they could, but in the end, they were no match for the Dread Wings, or the Red Army or whatever catchy name they go by these days.

Anyway, congratulations to ex-Blackhawk Chris Chelios, who managed to hang on long enough to win one more Stanley Cup. He had great seats for the Finals, as he was a healthy scratch throughout. Why Barry Rozner wants to bring this guy back to play 20 minutes a game for the Hawks is beyond me, but I think you’ll soon learn that most things Barry Rozner wants boggle my mind.

File Photo: Detroit Celebrating
There are a myriad of reasons this win pisses me off, not the least of which was that my very own team, the Chicago Blackhawks played the Red Wings tough during the season, and I was hoping to see the same out of the Penguins.  But they were pretty clearly over matched throughout the series, and in the end, the better team won.  So enjoy your hard earned Cup,  Red Wings, because you’re just keeping that thing warm for these guys:

Updated: October 31, 2014 — 12:20 pm
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