Crown 'Em: Kings 2, Hawks 1 (SO)

Good trip, now let's get the hell out of here.  The Hawks finished off an extremely successful circus trip, losing to the Kings in a shootout 2-1 and taking 9 of a possible 12 points on the west coast swing.  This would be  great time for one of those weird 4-5 day layoffs that have been popping up in the schedule, but instead they'll play at home on Tuesday.  Ah, well, at least they get to sleep in their own beds instead of the awful beds in the 5-star hotels they're forced to stay in on the road.


Cristobal Huet:  Huet (or as Pat Foley would say HU-WAY!) was the man tonight.  He made some terrific stops (BIG SAVE) on close in chances and was every bit the money goaltender.

Jonathan Toews:  Toews tied up the game in the 3rd period with a power play goal.  It wasn't a highlight reel goal, just Toews standing in front of the net, absorbing punishment and putting home a rebound.  Toews now has 10 points in 10 games since his return from injury.

Troy Brouwer:  Brouwer played another strong game, hitting everything that moved and showing a nice little move to get himself a shot on a short-handed break.


John Madden in the faceoff circle:  Now, I love me some John Madden, but he was 0 for 9 after two periods, which is terrible by any standard, but especially by the ones he's established.

Goal Droughts:  The Hawks had a goal drought of 118 minutes or something prior to Toews goal.  Ed Olczyk could give you the exact time, but I won't because I was sick of listening to that shit midway through the first period.

Late Starts:  CT is a tired, old man, and he hates these 9:30 starts.  Thankfully, they weren't followed by work days for me, but to our stout friends who are stranded in the Eastern Time Zone and have watched these games, I salute you.


WGN's Coverage:  What a suckfest.  WGN's broadcast has a horrible habit of switching to closeups of players, or broken sticks or the puck in the middle of the action.  Why would they do this?  Here's the thing, NOBODY wants to see a close up DURING play.  On a slow motion replay?  Sure.  Guys chatting on the bench during a stoppage?  Yes.  But NEVER during play.  It's pretty simple, and it needs to be fixed.  Also, would it kill them to put on a post-game show?

Next up, Marian Hossa makes his home debut against the Blue Jackets on Tuesday.  And since this is such a momentous occasion, Hockeenight will be covering it LIVE.


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