Fear the Mullet: Hawks 2, Predators 0

Fear it

Well, we can all stop hyperventilating now.  The Hawks have tied up the series at 1-1 and go to Nashville with a little momentum.  The main difference tonight was the team finally decided that they did actually need to work for loose pucks and get people to the net against Pekka Rinne.

If you're the nervious type, you probably didn't like what you saw out of Rinne.  He stood on his head, and the Hawks should have had 4 or 5 goals easily.  There are two ways to look at it, either Rinne is going to be beast and turn this series into a dogfight, or he was in "steal this game" mode tonight, and still came up empty handed.  Regardless, the Antti Niemi proved to be every bit a match for Rinne tonight, and the Hawks got their win.


Antti Niemi - How good?  Damn good.  It took Antti Niemi a while to seize the starting job this year, but tonight he showed us he can take the team on his shoulders if need be.  Niemi was brilliant earning his first playoff shutout.  He saved the Hawks' collective asses several times in the 2nd period, and kept them in position to win the game.

Patrick Kane - Kaner was awesome tonight, getting a goal and an assist, and playing well in his own zone as well.  The Preds have clearly decided that the way to get to Kane is to rough him up, but he's not backing down from the contact, and on the Hawks 2nd goal, Kaner showed Nashville what happens when you give him any kind of room.

Brent Sopel- One of these days, Sopel's limbs are just going to start falling off.  He blocks shots, takes the body and goes to the ice whenever necessary.  If Brent Sopel's job description is simply "get in the way" and he's doing a helluva job.


Dustin Byuglien - Granted, he's being asked to play a position he hasn't skated at regularly for two years, but I think that's the problem.  Buff's out there pretending he's Paul Fucking Coffey instead of just making the simple plays. 


What could be ugly about a playoff win?  Well, when Barry Trotz is involved, there's always something ugly in the building.  Hockeenight will award a free onesie to the reader who can correctly guess which Chicago bridge Trotz will be sleeping under tonight.


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  • 4/18/2010 10:50 PM Reuschel's Jowls wrote:
    The only "bad" I really saw was Sharp taking that meathead penalty with 2:35 to go with the puck in front of the Nashville net. Gotta be smarter there.

    The rest of the effort was balls tonight...
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  • 4/18/2010 10:53 PM Fork wrote:
    I think Kane is single-handedly bringing back Hockey Hair, and playoff beards will be dead.
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  • 4/18/2010 10:57 PM Mike D. wrote:
    Franklin-Orleans Bridge. There's a sweet hiding spot on the northwest side of that fork-in-ther-river there. I'm pretty sure I've seen Trotz there before, in fact. CT--I'll e-mail you on where to send the onesie.
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    1. 4/18/2010 11:05 PM Dave Morris wrote:
      Champions win ugly.

      If the Hawks keep winning ugly games like this one, OK by me.

      And is Patrick Kane one of the best Blackhawks in the last fifty years? I say yes.

      PS CT gets kudos for a well crafted, even serene recap, on the heels of a heated ShoutBox tonight.
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      1. 4/18/2010 11:27 PM Dave Morris wrote:
        Oh, and Niemi gets the first playoff shutout for the Blackhawks since 1996.

        That, gentlemen, is major.
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  • 4/19/2010 7:00 AM Waco kid wrote:
    I too wish Buff would cut it out with his Paul Coffey impersonation. Just make the smart play.

    I have yet to see the rough up Kane strategy work. Kane doesn't back down and can be dominant with the puck.
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  • 4/19/2010 10:46 AM Mark Giangreco Roman Wrestler wrote:
    Nice to see Bolland bury that goal for 2 reasons.

    1. Hey look, Dave Bolland.

    2. Can't play a trap on the Power Play, so they have to take advantage. A couple of power play goals and the Predators HAVE to play outside of their game 5x5.

    Antii did indeed look like the Finnished Product tonight.

    If throws a cat onto the Nashville bench, watch Barry Trotz waddle away as fast as he can.
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  • 4/19/2010 6:58 PM PKM aka BBM wrote:
    screw it. I'm dropping the glorious blond mullet of former cub 3rd basemen Steve Buechele for the epitomy of awesome

    Say hello to Patrick Kane's Mullet.

    And to answer your question it's obviously the bridge at 95th street.
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