As we said before the last series, math is hard. Neither CT nor I are any good at any of it - which is why we have our crack staff of HOCKEENIGHT Mathletes, pictured to the right here.

After their exceptional job breaking down the sheer numbers of the series between the Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks,  our Mathletes here have once again assembled their statistical data, which you can spend minutes analyzing until there's some actual hockey played this weekend:

49: Number of years since the Chicago Blackhawks last won the Stanley Cup.

102: Number of years since the Chicago Cubs last won theWorld Series.

47823: Number of times those two facts will be mentioned together between now and the end of the Stanley Cup Finals.

35: Number of years since the Philadelphia Flyers last won the Stanley Cup.

1350: Number of penalty minutes by the Flyers this season.

1357: Number of penalty minutes by the NHL-leading Tampa Bay Lightning.

2707: Number of times the Flyers will be referred to as the "Broad St. Bullies", as if Moose Dupont and Bill Barber are suddenly going to skate out and start pummelling guys.

1: Number of jobs worse than Steve Yzerman's new job as GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning. (Worse job: PR director for BP)

35: Age of Chris Pronger

35: Number of seconds it takes Chris Pronger to skate end-to-end in an NHL rink.

35: Number of rings you'd count if you cut a cross-section of Chris Pronger.

88: Uniform number shared by the last #1 overall draft pick to debut for each team (Eric Lindros & Patrick Kane).

22.6%: Blackhawks' Power Play percentage, playoffs.

87%: Flyers' Penalty Kill percentage, playoffs.

.948: Michael Leighton's save percentage, playoffs.

.905: Michael Leighton's save percentage, regular season.

100%: Chance that Leighton's save percentage plummets when he sees a team other than Montreal.

2.4: Blackhawks' playoff shot differential.

-1: Flyers' playoff shot differentlai.

2: Number of playoff games in which Jonathan Toews has not registered a point.

13: Number of consecutive games in which Jonathan Toews has registered a point (last zero-point game, Game 3 vs. Nashville, 4/20/10)

4:1 Ratio of Scott Hartnell's mulletude to Patrick Kane's.

1:1 Ratio of close-ups of Patrick Sharp to close-ups of Scott Hartnell needed to prevent televisions from disintegrating.

3:1 Ratio of awesomeness, Italian Beef to cheese steak.

1: Points scored by Matt Ellison after being traded from Chicago to Philadelphia.

230: Points scored by Patrick Sharp after being traded from Philadelphia to Chicago for Matt Ellison.

Enjoy the Finals. See you in the Shoutbox.


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  • 5/25/2010 4:47 PM denrizz wrote:
    Number of Heatley jokes? Mike Keenan references?

    By the way speaking of the Bullies, there is a great documentary on HBO about them. A scene where Magnuson is getting the snot beat out of him.

    Go Hawks.
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    1. 5/26/2010 4:13 PM Dave Morris wrote:
      Lord Fork makes a very good point about the Flyers' playoff opposition to date.

      The Devils, Bruins and Canadiens were all offensively-challenged teams.

      Ergo, the Blackhawks will present an altogether different problem for Philadelphia.

      Scott Hartnell does have some scary hair though.
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