WE HAVE A WINNER: Congratulations to "Hockey Broad"

Once Fork got the Stanley Cup Commemorative pucks in the mail, we've been trying to give a set away. The deal was, get us a picture of a current Blackhawks' player with anything that said "Hockeenight", and you get the pucks.

Our good friend Cheryl over at Hockey Broad managed to come up with something that blows our idea away.

She (along with our other good friend Kat "Subtle Like Seabrook") managed to whip up the MURDERSAURUS sign you see the one and only John Scott holding here.

We've heard (but have no evidential proof) that there is a MURDERSAURUS sign making appearances at Blackhawks' practices. Last week, there was one that made the JumboTron during the Blues game.

Still, the players don't really know what's going on, they're a little busy, you know, doing their jobs. Last week, Fork got to tell Patrick Sharp about the nickname, and he had never heard it, but said he'd tell Scott.

Last night, apparently Scott was unaware of the nickname until Cheryl gave him the sign and told him about it. Fortunately for all involved, Scott got a good laugh out of it.

Now that we've got a picture of Scott holding the MURDERSAURUS sign, you're probably wondering what can possibly top that. I mean, we're already sending her the pucks (with attractive mattalic-like plastic puck holders), could she go even further above and beyond, something that would make us tell her (and Kat) to go pick something out for themselves from our store - well, ladies and gentlemen, bask in the awesomeness:


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