Recently, we received word from The Winged Wheel, a Red Wings blog, they were having a fundraiser for kids in parochial schools here in Chicago.

They're offering up some prizes, including a signed Henrik Zetterberg jersey.

I know, you're thinking...I'm a Blackhawks' fan, why would I want any part of a jersey that represents that Jake Gyllenhaal-lookin' motherfucker?

That's because you're thinking short-game. Imagine the "Crackheads Wearing The Zetterberg Jersey" Tumblr page you could whip up. Or this Halloween you can go to a party as a Red Wings fan, yelling "400 wins! He's a Hall of Famer!", then throw things when people mention shootouts. Hilarity could ensue.

Plus, whoever raises the most dough gets to choose a new header for The Winged Wheel for 3 months. Who among us wouldn't love shirtless Patrick Kane on the header? Or even better, see if we can get pantsless Brent Sopel.

Plus they'll write a song to commemorate the winner. Hell, I can do that - just keep playing E-G-A-C, while singing "Detroit Sucks". Bam, done.

All in all, sounds like a winner.

Here is a link to their page with all the details

Also, be sure to "like" the Facebook page.

OK, here's the part where I get all sincere, so feel free to skip over this part if you want to...

As a product of a bad school myself (Goudy School, Class of 76), I've seen firsthand not only how a lack of basic resources can hamper a teacher's efforts, but also how do you keep kids motivated when they see how they're being pushed aside every day?

And even though the Hawks & Wings are a traditional rivalry, at the end of the day I'd be perfectly happy to belly up to the bar and shoot the shit about Howe and Hull with any of them. At the end of the day, we're all bonded by whatever mental defect it is that makes us hockey fans.

If we can pull together and do something positive here, it's inexcusable if we don't.

Hell, I'm even looking around to see what I can scrounge up to sweeten the pot from our side.

But dig for this in the meantime.



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