HAWKS FLY PAST JETS: Blackhawks 4, Jets 3

This was a game the Chicago Blackhawks lose last year.

After the Winnipeg Jets' Jim Slater scored two goals in the first 7:29 of the first period, Haws' coach Joel Quenneville called a time out, told his charges to quickly remove their heads from their anal orifices, and get their acts together.

The Hawks complied, tying the game by the end of the period as part of four conseccutive goals as they didn't allow former Blackhawks Andrew Ladd or Dustin Byfuglien to take any points out of the place they used to call home.

Let's get to this:


Hockey in Winnipeg. I'm not crazy about the building - the fact that Mike Camalleri had to wait for a stoppage in play before getting to the locker room so his lacerated leg could be looked at, not great. The fact the capacity isn't much, also not great. But after the Atlanta Spirit Group ran the Thrashers into the ground, it's at least nice to see the team playing in front of enthusiastic crowds. Hell, there were even a couple "Go Jets Go" chants in the United Center tonight.

Patrick Kane at center. 71% on draws tonight, I shit you not. He and Marian Hossa are starting to click out there. Both Kane and Hossa notched their first goals of the season tonight, and couldn't even let the boat anchor that is Dan Carcillo slow them down.

Bryan Bickell. Could it be that Travis is actually playing to his size? He threw some nice hits out there, and got his second assist of the young season. More importantly, he cane down the left wing and decided to forego the wrister from the top of the circle. This could be good.

The fourth line. Barbados Slim, Marcus Krüger and Rotislav Olesz did exactly what you want a fourth line to do. They created a lot of energy, worked the puck deep into the offensive zone, and created havoc out there. I'm admittedly not an Olesz fan, but these guys did yeoman work out there tonight.


Ray Emery's first ten minutes. He looked absolutely brutal out there, and both goals he allowed in the first period were stoppable. After that, he settled down. He was completely out of position on Kyle Wellfed's goal in the second following an abysmal Hawks' power play, but he stood tall while the Hawks took control of the game, and withstood a late surge. Any time you get two points with your backup in there is nice, but I think this is one backup goalie who won't be in any danger of becoming a folk hero.

Steve Montador. He got so caught up in looking to retaliate for a hit in the corner that he left his assignment and pretty much giftwrapped a free walk-in on Emery for Slater's first goal. He picked it up as the game progressed, but the Hawks need him to be solid, not much more. If that happens, Duncan Keith's minutes will drop.

Niklas Hjalmarsson. He never really looked like he was in sync tonight, and was throwing the puck pretty randomly. He coughed up some juicy rebounds, and only the granitelike hands of Jets' forwards kept it from being exacerbated.


Dan Carcillo. He was skating around tonight like his hair was on fire. He obviously wants to earn his bones with the United Center crowd, but he needs to play within his considerable limits. After the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, we started using his name to describe a player taking our a teammate. Tonight he damn near Carcilloed Hossa, but fortunately Hossa is much more man than Carbomb, and Hossa watched his teammate pick himself up off the ice.

So anyway, two points is two points, eh?

Next up for the Hawks is a home game Saturday against the Boston Bruins in a matchup of the last two Stanley Cup champions. Should be a good one.


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  • 10/14/2011 12:29 AM ChicagoTough wrote:
    1) Ray Emery sucks balls. Not just the first 10 minutes. He was lost all night long...very slow to react. He was like this in the preseason...he sucks.

    2) Carcillo wasn't bad in my book, he was just focusing too hard on being Mr. Fan Favorite...I kind of like him on that Kane/Hossa line for now...is that bad?

    3)Brian Bickell needs to have a good year for this team to contend...I know that's a weird person to make such a big statement on, but he has the potential to be a very good hockey player and eat up the void that Brouwer left.

    4) I love the Winnipeg Jets. Welcome back.
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  • 10/14/2011 6:29 AM CT wrote:
    No mention of Wellwood's "breakaway" out of the penalty box?

    For shame.
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  • 10/14/2011 8:39 AM iluvhossa wrote:
    Aye, Carcillo was trying too hard to please but the Captain was off his game tonight with a couple of ugly turnovers and Keith/Leddy is still a flaming clown car. Least Hossa is still Hossa and we are all not.
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  • 10/14/2011 9:51 AM talkendo wrote:
    "one backup goalie who won't be in any danger of becoming a folk hero."

    Well, unless he taunts/maims/kills He Who Should Not Be Named.
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  • 10/14/2011 12:48 PM herfinmickey wrote:
    Emery looked like he was called up from the 70yrs and over hockey league. He creaked while flailing around looking like he had no idea of where the puck was. At least Turco looked flexible in his useless flailing. Carbomb works well with Kaner and Hoss he just has to make sure to only blast the other guys! I had seen him in a number of collisions with teammates when playing for the Cheesesteak villians. Our boy Bickle has grown up Brian you're now a man - crush that dude on the boards - mazl tov!
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  • 10/14/2011 5:14 PM Cody wrote:
    "He looked absolutely brutal out there, and both goals he allowed in the first period were stoppable"

    You know the first goals were tips that resulted from defensive zone breakdowns? There's not much a Vezina winner could have done about those. Stop the Emery hate people. He was about as good as most NHL backups. Only gave up 3 goals, had a .900 save percentage, wasn't spectacular but was good enough to get the win. That's all a backup needs to do. Plus don't forget he made some clutch saves in a third period when the 'Hawks flipped to neutral and gave up way too many chances.

    Plus its funny how every other hockey blog praises Carcillo's play EXCEPT this one. He was far from terrible.
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    1. 10/14/2011 9:31 PM Fork wrote:
      I was in Section 311, both those goals pretty much happened in my lap, so yeah.

      As for Carcillo, Let's just say we're ahead of the curve on that one.
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