Meet The New Boss - Blues 3, Blackhawks 0

 This is the third time in a row that the Blues have fired their head coach and the very first game of the new coach's tenure came against the beloved men in the Indianhead sweaters. The Blackhawks had managed to win those first two games. In this game, however, Joel Quenneville lost his mind and the Blues reaped all of the benefits. No one in the Chicago locker room could have been happy after the drubbing at the hands of the Canucks but I don't think anyone expected the Blackhawks to come out and lay an egg against a division rival.

Sure the Blues have struggled so far (not that anyone writing for this site could have seen that coming) but whenever Chicago and St. Louis get together it's bound to be a scrap. Take off the 's' and you've got your game recap. Part of the problem, besides the awful power play and the suddenly inept penalty kill is that Quenneville decided to dig Denis Savard's trusty Random Line Generator (RLG) out from the same United Center broom closet that Bob Pulford and Alpo Suhonen are locked in. Even worse, John Scott dressed as the sixth defenseman and quickly showed his value by allowing Kevin Shattenkirk to walk around him and feed a streaking (past an out of position Steve "Burn Notice" Montador) Vladimir Subotka for the Blues first goal.

Since I'm about to throw up from having sat through this "effort" let's get to the stuff and the things.


I had a really nice sandwich for dinner.


It's easy to go ahead and say a team looks flat or didn't give a full effort. It's impossible to know what each player is thinking and whether or not their minds are on the game or elsewhere. Players don't share brains so some might have had their heads in the clouds while others didn't. We don't know. What we do know is that this wasn't a loss where we can say that the Blackhawks were simply snakebitten but played well but didn't catch any breaks.

It didn't seem like passes were crisp or connecting with their intended targets. The power play, which up to this point has been abysmal, is now reaching levels of utter despair once only thought achievable by the people behind the Miller Lite "Man Up" ad campaign. The penalty kill, in desperate need of some sort of redemption after allowing five goals to Vancouver, came out on their first kill and allowed Chris Stewart to score his second of the year.

As a team, the Blackhawks stunk up the ice and there wasn't a single individual worthy of any modicum of praise.


John Scott received over 10 minutes of ice time tonight, paired with Steve Montador, both responsible for the first Blues goal. It was all downhill from there. The fundamental question is why would Quenneville think that John Scott should be getting those minutes instead of Sami Lepisto or Old Donald? John Scott serves no purpose. No one will fight him because that's the only thing he's good at - and he's really good at it. He can't skate, block a shot, get in the way of an oncoming attacking player, pass or shoot. Please make this stop. I hope Lepisto and Old Donald get whatever weird message they're being sent and never let this happen again.

TJ Oshie's goal in the third period was all on Crawford. I haven't seen him let in a goal that bad in quite some time. He probably just felt the need to go ahead and join the rest of his teammates in the shit heap. If this game was food, it'd be the KFC Famous Bowl.

Ken Hitchcock is back in the NHL and we have to watch his team play five more goddamn times. Ken Hitchcock is brutal. His style is a snooze and while he might improve the Blues, in fact I'm betting he will, it won't win any awards for aesthetics. I never thought I'd say I missed Puddinghead Davis Payne but at least his teams were good for all kinds of stupidity.

The Blackhawks, who are now 0-2-1 in their last three games, take on the floundering Columbus Blue Jackets next. Hopefully they refocus and take out their frustrations then. Go Hawks.


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  • 11/8/2011 11:17 PM ChicagoNativeSon wrote:
    "not that anyone writing for this site could have seen that coming" Classic.

    We complain about John Scott only playing 1 or 2 minutes, right? This is not the solution we were looking for.
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  • 11/9/2011 12:24 AM ArlingtonRob wrote:
    No panic here, but is it time to consider a coaching change? J. Scott and the RLG have me questioning our coaching staff. Something just ain't right with this club.
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  • 11/10/2011 10:24 AM BlameKitchen wrote:
    You didn't mention Scott falling on his duff after running in to 5-10 175 lb Lil' Vlady Sobotka.
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