A STAR IS BORN: Flyers 5, Blackhawks 4

The last time the Philadelphia Flyers hosted the Chicago Blackhawks in Wells Fargo Arena, it was June 9, 2010. You may recall the Blackhawks won that one.

Tonight there was far less at stake, but the Hawks still needed two points after a lackluster effort against the Oilers in their last game. They got early goals from Jimmy Mays Hayes and Andrew Shaw to take a 2-1 lead, only to spend the next four and a half minutes skating around like Archie Andrews with the hearts circling their heads after a kiss from Veronica as the Flyers notched 3 quick goals.

In the third, it was Philly's turn to be in love, giving up 2 in 25 seconds to allow the Hawks to tie it before the James Van Riemsdyk won it with 33 seconds left, sending the Hawks home on the shitty end of a 5-4 decision.

Let's get to this:


Shaw. 3:03 into his first NHL game, and he drops gloves with Zac Rinaldo. He proved he's no John Scott, taking a couple haymakers before getting yanked to the ice, getting his face cut and sweater torn. In the second, he proved again that he's no John Scott by scoring his first NHL goal with his first shot on goal. If he had managed to notch an assist and gotten the Gordie Howe Hat Trick, the Hawks faithful would want a 65 in the rafters by tomorrow night. Also, based on the image I found while searching "Andrew Shaw", I think the nickname "Butch" is in order.

The fourth line. Barbados Slim centering Michael Frolik and Hayes. Hayes and Slim worked together beautifully on Hayes' goal, his second in 2 games. Frolik has been strong on the forecheck. Also, another strong night in the dot for Slim, going 5-1.


The defensive corps. Sure, Brent Seabrook managed to turn the worm with a shorthanded goal in the third, but then he looked like he was asking Claude Giroux for his autograph on the game winner. In fact, each defenseman was on ice for a goal, and the Flyers threw 46 shots at Ray Emery.

Emery. He kept giving up rebounds in very friendly areas, and spent way too much time swimming in the crease. My take on Ray is that he's the type of goalie who gets better the more he plays. Unfortunately, he's a backup goalie. That's a role that requires somebody who can come in cold and keep his team in a game. The Hawks' almost salvaged a point or two because Ilya Bryzgalov is spending too much time contemplating the vastness of the universe and not enough time stopping pucks.


The Five Hour Energy commercials they're showing during the game. At the end, everyone says they use that crap every day. Is it addictive? Is it pure caffeine? Crack? Who knows?

Next up for the Hawks is a trip home to take on the red-hot Colorado Avalanche tomorrow. Also, we have our thing at Paddy Long's on Saturday night. Hope to see you there.


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  • 1/5/2012 11:30 PM CT wrote:
    " At the end, everyone says they use that crap every day. Is it addictive? Is it pure caffeine? Crack? Who knows?"

    Es carne de burro.
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  • 1/6/2012 12:53 AM JDNoceChicagoTough wrote:
    This stinks. That was one tough loss...ugh...I just wanted that one point after they got the tie.
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  • 1/6/2012 2:24 AM Fro Dog wrote:
    The Flyers are more of a pain in the ass than the Predators.

    Stat fact: The Blackhawks have only won one game (Game 6) in Philadelphia since 1996. The last two regular season games were lost in the final minute. That's brutal.

    Fuck Philadelphia and their fans.
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