Dat Syuked - Wings 3, Blackhawks 2 (OT)

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What is it about Hawks-Wings games that produce that impending feeling of doom? It must just be the way I was raised. Seemingly every single time the Blackhawks play the Red Wings at the United Center and have a slim lead in the third, it was simply not made to last. Tonight was no different. 


- Corey Crawford was pretty good for most of the night which was refreshing after a couple of games where the Blackhawks looked less than stellar in their own end. If this Corey hangs with us the rest of the way, I can feel a lot better about the prospects of the men in red. 

- I can't really think of much else. I know the Blackhawks weren't bad tonight but something about this all-too-familiar style of loss to Detroit on home ice at a time when the Blackhawks are sputtering a little just leaves me feeling a little unfit to praise. 


- Third period collapses - those count as bad, right? You often get the feeling that Red Wings fans feel confident when their team is down by a goal heading into the third. On the flip side, I'm generally one wrong move away from filling my shorts with foam and based on my Twitter feed I think most of you are, too. 

- He looked better tonight, but Patrick Kane is fighting it. He's in a big time slump and had the game on his stick in the dying seconds and just couldn't find any space behind Ty Conklin. I kept hoping he'd bust out a dagger but it was not to be. 


- It doesn't get much uglier than the most handsome man in hockey getting hurt after what could have been a huge game from him. Patrick Sharp left the game with an "upper body" injury, in other words he probably smacked his moneymaker somewhere pretty hard. Poor guy - we can only hope it's not serious but the way the Blackhawks have handled head injuries recent weeks I have my concerns. 

- I'm not going to complain about the officiating. 

- Johan Franzen with a straight right to Steve Montador's grill after Pavel Datsyuk won the game with a typical Datsyuk play. I'm guessing Monty deserved it but unfortunately he'll have to wait until their next meeting to get any measure of revenge. Fortunately, it's Saturday. 

Next up, the Blackhawks take on the red-hot Columbus Blue Jackets. Hopefully they can beat the Stockholm Syndrome out of Rick Nash. 


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