Andrew Shaw: Best Player of All Time - Hawks 4, Sharks 3

The Blackhawks took a huge step toward regaining first place in the Western Conference by beating the perennially disappointing San Jose Sharks 4-3 on one of those six o'clock starts that Pat Foley waxes ecstatic about. Of course that leap into first depends on the lowly Anaheim Ducks beating the Canucks so we're not going to get too excited just yet. 


- We've got a cult hero on our hands folks. A guy the meatballs can really get behind. He's got all the characteristics: he's young, he came out of nowhere (if you don't follow juniors) and he isn't afraid to stick his nose into an oncoming fist or two. He's Andrew Shaw and he's, like, totally dreamy and stuff. Also he's scoring at a completely unexpected and ridiculous rate. He's essentially stepped in for the injured and brainless Dan Carcillo seamlessly and is making it impossible for the Hawks to send him back down. Anyway, Shaw scored again tonight and won all six of his face-off attempts. 

- Viktor Stalberg continues to stick it down my throat. I really didn't expect him to keep it up but he's having a great year and kudos are due. 

- Jonathan Toews deserves his own column. Perhaps we should rename it "The Toews, The Bad and The Ugly".

- Sean O'Donnell lived out one of my fantasies by punching Brad Winchester in the goddamn face. Hero. 


- I thought Corey Crawford gave up a few too many rebounds. It's a problem and needs to be fixed. The Hawks gave up only 24 shots and three of them found their way in. 

- Viktor Stalberg tried to cheat his way into a goal by kicking it in. What an asshole. 


I don't really have much here other than the Hawks made things a little too interesting near the end. They had to kill a 6-on-4 for a full minute when Hjalmarsson was called for a hook that was probably a dive and barely managed to do so. Luckily, everyone was able to exhale as the clock ran out on the Sharks and everything went better than expected. 

Up next is a rare meeting with the Buffalo Sabres in Chicago. That should be a fun test against Ryan Miller and known penisloaf Patrick Kaleta. We'll also see if Patrick Kane plans on scoring another goal this year. Go Hawks.


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  • 1/15/2012 10:29 PM Fork wrote:
    Todd McLellan still looks like Patton Oswalt.
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  • 1/15/2012 11:00 PM ArlingtonRob wrote:
    I'll be damned...I witnessed a win!
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  • 1/16/2012 1:49 AM Fro Dog wrote:
    Kane needs to start partying again. This year, there has been no evidence of him going out. We all remember how well he played when he and some of his teammates would get drunk and take off their clothes in limos. I want that Kane back.

    Also, Crawford is still struggling despite what he did on Saturday. He needs to turn it around because if not, the black Ed Belfour should be starting.
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    1. 1/16/2012 4:08 PM morpheus wrote:
      That's Ed Blackfour to you.
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