Trade Everybody Again: Hawks 1, Stars 3

Remember the Detroit game on Tuesday?  That was fun.  Tonight's game was the opposite of that.  A chore to watch, featuring the Blackhawks not being able to solve the Stars backup, letting Dallas hang around instead of expanding their one goal lead and ultimately giving it up the game on a couple of deflections and a fluke goal off Brent Seabrook's leg.

I can't even raise much bile.  The game wasn't so much rage inducing as annoying.  From the listless play, to the numerous posts being hit to Pat and Eddie spending every spare moment assuring us that Jonathan Toews not only wasn't injured in this morning's car accident, it may have actually healed his concussion.  


Bryan Bickell - For a guy whose been in the doghouse for most of this season, Bickell has been excellent as of late.  He hasn't been scoring a ton, but he doesn't need to.  Bickell has been using his size, hitting and playing good defense.  This is exactly what the Hawks need from him.


Drop passes.  I fucking hate drop passes.  You know who is allowed to make a drop pass?  Patrick Kane, when he's dropping the puck for Marian Hossa.  You know who isn't?  Marcus Kruger.  Ever.  Oh, and Dave Bolland.  For cripe's sake he made one on the power play tonight when he was playing the point.  THERE IS NOBODY BEHIND YOU WHEN YOU ARE ON THE POINT

The other thing that struck me as bad is that the Hawks seemed to get away from the simple approach that helped them right the ship after their losing streak.  Instead of making short, easy passes, the defensemen spent most of the first two periods trying to break the forwards out with long stretch passes which generally just resulted in turnovers.  

The Last Ten Minutes - Basically the point where everything went bad.  With about 10 minutes left in the game, Dallas starting blitzing the Blackhawks, penning them in their own zone and getting 3 goals for their trouble.  The Hawks had several chances to clear the puck on the Stars' first two goals, but either got caught when their forwards were cheating up too high towards the blue line, or their defensemen didn't realize how much time they had and blindly flung the puck around the boards.  These are little things, but tonight it cost Chicago.


Tonight's broadcast of the Hawks game featured a "behind the lens" in which we got to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes of televising a game.  And while it is an interesting idea in theory, all it really did was confirm for me that shit that goes on behind the scenes is behind the scenes because it's boring.  If it wasn't boring, it'd already be on the broadcast.

Up Next: The Hawks take on the Kings on Saturday at 7pm.


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  • 2/24/2012 11:18 AM rich L wrote:
    the one girl in Foley's and Edzo's block didn't look boring.

    "there's no one behind you when you are at the point." - needs to be psoted in Bollands locker

    Actually, and this is what the best teams can avoid, we had a bit of a let down after facing the Rags, Blues and wings in a period of 6 days. Hard to get sky high for every game. I know, lame excuse, but it's a factor.
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  • 2/25/2012 12:24 PM JP wrote:
    Actually...I quite enjoyed the Behind the Lens segments. It was enlightening to see what goes on during an entire gameday -- for those who didn't already know. It also gave some nice perspective into the hard work which the broadcasting, arena, and ice crews put in to bring us the game experience we love! Granted, this was the giant marketing machine at work once again.
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