Feelin' Good Is Such A Waste - Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 3, Blackhawks 1

The Blackhawks made the short trek from Los Angeles to Anaheim to see if they could salvage a point or two on this abbreviated road trip to California. They'd have to do with their sometimes backup goaltender Ray Emery in net and without Jonathan Toews who is still battling what my sources call "a dragon on Mars". Until he slays that beast the Blackhawks will have to carry on and try to get the job done. 

Considering the tone and result of the game in Los Angeles and the hot streak that has seen the Ducks move themselves up the standings, mostly on the back of Jonas Hiller, this was never a game I expected to bring many thrills. I found myself hoping they would find a way to grind out a road win, something they haven't done much of lately. I was really happy to find the Blackhawks in an obligatory mood and this game sucked seventeen different flavors of ass. 


- Patrick Kane finally gave the Blackhawks a goal on the power play. Of course that does not, in any way mean that the power play has been fixed because it looked like Amy Winehouse the rest of the night. Amy Winehouse as she looks right now. 


- Pretty much everything else. No effort tonight that really left anyone thinking that this was a good use of their two and a half hours on a Sunday night. 

- The Hawks were not interested in dumping the puck into the zone and spent a lot of the time when they possessed the puck skating behind the net and making one or two extra passes looking for that perfect shot. More often than not there was no shot at all. The Hawks ended the game with 19 shots on net including three in a third period that they entered trailing by just one goal. 

- It's hard to single out one person as this was a team anti-effort. Why even make the trip? This was the most lethargic I've seen a Hawks team look since the days of Captain Healthy Scratch and the ABC All-Stars. 

- Brian Engblom is a talkative bastard, ain't he? He made a real keen observation (one of many tonight) that the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawk team gave up a lot less goals than the current squad. So you're saying that a team that went on to win the Cup was a lot better than this one? Great call, Flowbee. 


With the trade deadline fast approaching, Blackhawks fans are starting to panic. It's getting worse with each passing game. I don't know what Stan Bowman's plans are but I don't believe there's a move out there that makes the Blackhawks a favorite to come out of the West, let alone win the Cup. There are, however, moves that will help the Blackhawks at least qualify for the playoffs and I think those need to be explored. I am not Bob McKenzie so I can't tell you who's available but if you think Bowman's not working the phones all night and day trying to find a way to stop the bleeding you're absolutely insane. 

Everyone knows that a team is never as good as they look at their hottest nor are they as bad as they look at their worst (unless you're from Columbus). I'm certainly not saying it's not ok to be concerned - if you're not, you have some killer drugs on hand - but I think before this weekend it was a possibility that the Hawks would stand pat at the deadline. Not anymore. Not after the absolute lack of effort we saw the last two nights. 

Buckle your seat belts - the rumors are going to start flying and they won't stop until the deadline passes. Next up the Blackhawks take on Toronto, a team who is struggling as bad as the Hawks are. You have to wonder who'll be in the lineup for both teams as there's bound to be movement on both sides. We'll have something fun for you this week as the Hawks and Leafs rarely get together and we love to think about the old days when they were great rivals. 

Until then go do something fun because I know the last two and a half hours were miserable. 


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