Reaves and Butthead - Blues 5, Hawks 1

The Blackhawks came to Savvis Center or whatever the hell it's called now to take on the St. Louis Blues. After winning three straight by the skin of their teeth (unless you're Steve Konroyd who exclaimed that the Hawks' 9-6 margin of victory over the short streak was 'convincing'), the Hawks looked to gain momentum heading into the home stretch. They will face the Blues three more times this season, including tonight and three wins would go a long way toward inching back to the home ice side of the playoff ledger. 

Instead, you're going to get the tail-between-the-legs recap. This won't be a fun HATECAP that I've grown to love so much. I look forward to recapping these games more than any - and after this one there's not much to say other than the Hawks were just simply outplayed by a team who now has the most points in the NHL and one of the best home records in the league. There's not a ton of shame in going 2-1 on a three game road trip - but no one likes losing to the Blues. 




- The power play. Can we rename this? Can it be sponsored by a whoopee cushion company or Milk Duds or some kind of metaphor describing just how much this thing sucks? You can bitch about the personnel they have out there being terrible but they've tried everyone. This is more a roster issue than a coaching issue, though it's definitely a little of both. Fix this next year (it isn't getting fixed this year). 

- Ryan Reaves awoke from a nap in the dumpster behind the Purina building where he was conceived, born and now lives, headed to the Scotttttttttrade Center and decided to fight Brandon Bollig. You see, they've fought before. They both play very few minutes and night and neither of them had very much of an impact on the actual game. So we watched them dance around and then go away for five minutes. It was pointless, especially at the beginning of a game. I know, more than anyone, I wanted to see Ryan Reaves get punched so hard that the line of Bar-b-q Fritos he calls teeth got scattered all over the ice but that didn't really happen. Alas, I am disappoint. 


- Big picture says this is a loss against a good team who rarely loses at home. Little picture says the Hawks were outplayed and have continued to be a very inconsistent team when it comes to stringing together competitive hockey games. I heard a lot of people bitching about effort but I also think you can lose a game to a good team in their building because you were outplayed. They didn't catch a lot of breaks, the power play was a failure and Halak was pretty good as usual. You're not going to win when you don't score. It's pretty easy to say, "Well they lost so they obviously don't give a shit". You and I know that's a load of crap. Of course they care - the only robot on the team drove his Pimpmobile into a pole and is currently back in the lab for fine tuning. 

The Blackhawks could have used this win as a springboard up the standings, but instead they've made it a little tougher on themselves. It's not that they lost, it's who they lost to and by how much. No one likes a 5-1 loss against a bitter rival and that's what this was. Even worse, we get to stew over it for a few days as they don't play again until Friday. 

That said, there are two more games left against the Blues and hopefully the Hawks can take advantage of those four points available to them. It's going to be a wild ride but hopefully these lopsided losses are few and far between from here. The Rangers and John Scott are in town on Friday. Can't wait for him to get the Mark DeRosa treatment. See you then - Go Hawks. 


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  • 3/6/2012 11:15 PM Mr. V wrote:
    You can't win if you don't hit! Call me a meathead, but when you let guys skate around your zone and you chase them with your "good stick", it's almost funny. Like PeeWee Herman, dressed as a cowboy, chasing a greased pig. Going out of your way is one thing, but passing up a hit when you've got a guy lined up.... And when they go too far, you must make the owerpa laypa hurt them. But I digress. Maybe the score is what those "One goal" commercials mean.

    John Scott fan club meeting Friday! See you there. GO HOCKS!
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  • 3/7/2012 1:49 AM Fro Dog wrote:
    This team is so damn annoying. More times than none this season, they are down 2-0 before you know it. I hate being the jackass here but you just know the game is over after it's 2-0. When a team has five power plays and only gets a few shots out of all of those chances, they suck.

    They're good enough to get into the playoffs but not far. Both goalies suck. The defenseman are terrible. Recipe for suck if you ask me.
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  • 3/7/2012 1:13 PM Rich L. wrote:
    two things I liked. Seabs basically skating in and saying under no circumstance do you try to injure #88. I know it lead to a goal, but I appreciated the response. Someone stood have had a word or two with backes after he ran Freddy.

    Secondly, although he didn't have his most stellar night between the posts, i loved how razor flattenend Backes - good stuff.

    You see, there's always a siver lining if you look hard enough. But man, what a depressed feeling losing to those nozzles.
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