"Goodness, what a lovely fur coat!"

"Goodness had nothing to do with it" - Mae West

When Mae was good, she was good. When she was bad, she was better.

When Dan Carcillo is good, he's adequate. When he's bad, he's an absolute liability.

Today the Chicago Blackhawks announced they and Carcillo agreed to a two-year extension. As I'm writing this, the dollar amount is undisclosed.

Hawks' GM Stan Bowman is at the GM meetings for the next few days. Ironically, the main topic of conversation figures to be player safety.

Carcillo began this season sitting out two games of a suspension he earned last season while playing for the Flyers. He hearned another 2 games during the season, and suffered a season-ending injury laying a dirty hit that cost him another 7. He now has 9 suspensions in his NHL career.

Perhaps one thing the NHL General Managers can do to ensure player safety is to stop giving contracts to guys like Dan Carcillo.

Look, we're not an impartial site here. We're all Blackhawks fans. But when we don't point out having a problem with Carcillo's style of play when he cheap-shots other players, then we can't credibly criticize a cheap shot on Jonathan Toews.

The Blackhawks recently jettisoned John Scott and brought up Brandon Bollig. Bollig's only function each night is that he will drop gloves. Now Carcillo has a contract extension. The Hawks have gotten toughness confused with goonery.

Not to mention, even with all the fighting and general penisloaf behavior Carcillo engages in, he's also good for some incredibly stupid penalties. In fact, in his 28 games played this year (what could he possibly have done in 28 games that merited another two years?), he quickly rose to the title of "Dumbest Blackhawk since Enrico Ciccone".

So now we get another two years of people trying to rationalize each hit from behind or headshot as "that's just how he plays his game". Or worse, "everyone else is doing it".

I'm calling it right now. Dan Carcillo will never get his name on the Stanley Cup. QStache will start sending him out there on Kane and Toews' wing, so he'll get significant minutes. He will be a boat anchor on a team that should be sailing.


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  • 3/12/2012 9:20 PM ArlingtonRob wrote:
    Diggin' deep with the Mae West it. Classics should never be retired.
    Now Carcillo? Perhaps he should have been retired from the Hawks future plans. Time will tell if this is a mistake, but if he changes his game (big IF) like Matt Cooke appears to have done, it may be ok.

    FYI...Cooke has only 30 PIM thru 68 games and ZERO suspensions, so I guess players with bad reps can change.
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