Once again, playoff time is upon us.

And, unlike last year, we actually remembered to open up the gym lockers and let the Hockeenight Mathletes out in order to give us some solid numeric data concerning the first round matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and Phoenix Coyotes...

7 - Number of playoff series the Phoenix Coyotes have appeared in since their move from Winnipeg in 1996.

0 - Number of playoff series won by the Phoenix Coyotes since their move from Winnipeg in 1996.

8 - Number of playoff series played by the Chicago Blackhawks in the last 3 years.

6 - Number of playoff series won by the Chicago Blackhawks in the last 3 years.

27 - Number of goals scored by Radim Vrbata in two years as a Chicago Blackhawk.

35 - Number of goals scored by Radim Vrbata in the 2011-12 season.

6 - Number Sean O'Donnell wears on his sweater.

6 - Number of teams in the NHL when Sean O'Donnell entered the league.

12,420 - Average attendance of a Phoenix Coyotes game in the 2011-12 season.

15,176 - Capacity of Le Colisee in Quebec City.

- Number of times Quebec City will be mentioned in relation to the Coyotes, Islanders, Blue Jackets, Panthers and Lightning until the NHL finally moves a team there.

98,453 - Approximate number of #ShawFacts that have been posted on Twitter.

0 - Amount of compensation received by Hockeenight for starting the damn thing.

30 - Number of times better #StalbergPorn was than #ShawFacts.

0 - Aggregate IQ of people who blamed #ShawFacts for the Hawks' 9-game losing streak.

41 - Mike Smith's sweater number.

41 - Number of mini-strokes each Hockeenight writer has at the mention of the name "Mike Smith", as it conjures up memories of Pavel Vorobiev and Mikhail Yakubov.

23 - Number of games missed by Jonathan Toews this season.

12-5-4 - Chicago Blackhawks record without Jonathan Toews this season.

Final Analysis: Hawks in 6


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  • 4/9/2012 8:27 AM Ski wrote:
    0- number of hawks shut outs this season
    2- number of shutouts Fork actively jinxed
    6- times ill fall asleep watching Nashville vs Detroit
    1000- amount of heart attacks everytime hawks give up 3 goal leads or Trotz is shown on TV
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  • 4/9/2012 9:30 AM Rich l. wrote:
    mathlete's intimidate me. Is the weird guy in the background their teacher/coach? Does Coach Q utilize their theories on line formations. I'm pretty sure the complex problem they so proudly display on their chalk board is actually an Doctoral Dissertation on zone entry for the Hawks power play.

    The last memory I have vs. Phoenix was when we went on an ill advised line change and the Coyotes converged on a 4 on one. Despite the fact that corey overcomiitted to the first three options, he still should have stopped the fourth. Corey sucks.
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  • 4/9/2012 10:34 AM cliffkoroll wrote:
    1 - number of funny Hockeenight Blackhawk playoff series previews for 2011-12 (so far.)
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    1. 4/9/2012 1:09 PM Slak wrote:
      more to come
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