STURM UND DRANG: The 2010 Blackhawks

"2010 is getting further away by the second"
                                        -Mr. V from HockTock

Is this a bad thing? Should we really continue clinging to something that no longer exists?

Chicago loves clinging to the happy memories of winning teams. Bears fans remember 1985 like it was yesterday. Same thing with the White Sox and 2005. Same thing with the Cubs and - well, forget about the Cubs. But you get the idea.

This never happened with the Bulls. Although, next time you're in the United Center, take a look at the names on the first championship banner and take a look at the last one - see how many names have changed.

Sure, Jordan, Pippen, and a couple others are on all of them. But the team kept changing, and if Michael Jordan hadn't spent two years proving just how hard it is to hit a curve ball, they would have won eight straight, each time with a different cast of characters.

For some reason, Blackhawk fans have been having trouble reconciling themselves with the fact that the 2010 Blackhawks are just names on a trophy now, a banner in the rafters, a happy memory.

But you can never recreate the magic of happy memories. Look, when you were 17, getting to third base with a sophomore on prom night was pretty awesome. But when you're 25? Not so much, unless you're Jerry Lee Lewis.

Each time someone sees some deficiency with the Blackhawks (and based upon the fact that the Blackhawks won one two more playoff games than the Minnesota Wild, there were plenty), there's always some meatball who fires up "DEY GOTTA BRING DAT (erstwhile 2010 Blackhawk) BACK!!!"

Know what? They can't. This team won the Cup on credit in 2010 - the Conn Smythe Trophy winner was still on his entry level contract, as was the guy who scored the Cup-winning goal. The Norris Trophy winner had a cap hit of under $1.5 million. Those three got raises amounting to $10 million in cap space, not to mention the bonuses that were earned and deferred until the following season by those entry level deals. That team was being broken up, win or lose. So at least they won, right?

But as for trying to bring any of it back, forget it. In fact, there will probably be a player or two from that squad leaving town this summer. that's just the way it goes. Thank them for their service, wish them well and move on.

But as for the memories of 2010, you'll always have your championship shirt, hat, book and DVD. Keep those in a warm place. But remember, what matters going forward is what happens on the ice, and the ice is a very cold place.

Personally, instead of reliving 2010 for the next 47 years, I'd like to get another championship shirt, hat, book and DVD.


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  • 5/18/2012 8:05 PM talkendo wrote:
    +88 for the killer Jerry Lee Lewis reference.

    Additionally, this: "I'd like to get another championship shirt, hat, book and DVD."? Line of the off-season (small sample size and YES it's the off-season).
    Looking backward is nice, occasionally. Banners are forever, and sure, Nick Boynton was on ice for the Cup-Winner, but does ANYone want him back? That's what I thought.

    Oh, wait, you forgot Boynton, didncha?
    Ha ha.
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  • 5/18/2012 8:58 PM ChicagoNativeSon wrote:
    Forkin' poetry.
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  • 5/22/2012 8:33 AM Scottie & Michael wrote:
    We were, in fact, the only two to be on all 6 championship titles teams. Still that's 40% of 6 titles
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