Four years. That's how long it's been since Fork and CT decided what the world really needed was the perfect synergy of Blackhawks hockey and boner jokes.

This past year saw the Hockeenight gang of idiots grow from 2 to 4, with the addition of Slak's glorious beard, and Morph as our resident Photoshop Genious. (He actually uses GIMP, but don't tell anyone)

Since our last anniversary, what have we done?

FORK: Slak's rants are a thing of beauty. For the life of me, I can't figure out why it took us so long to bring him on board. Maybe it's trying to pull him away from following Fun. around the country. Anyway, his brilliance (he is, after all, the man who bestowed the word "penisloaf" upon us) brings CT and I one step closer to our dream of never having to write any of this shit.

Morph's photoshops have also bumped us up. What's great is that you only have to give him a basic idea and he runs with it. What you see here is a perfect example of that. At some point we were talking or texting, and the phrase "Four Zorsemen" came up, followed by "That's what we need for our anniversary!"

Whenever CT writes anything, I really look forward to reading it. There are a lot of times, like our process flow diagram or the Burn Notice Recaps 1 & 2 where the best jokes are his. Not to mention, his belching during our Puckcasts keeps us from being the Beatles up in Toronto, so we can walk the streets up there unmolested. Or at least we could, if we ever went there.

And, of course, this was the year we introduced Big Cheyenne to our readers. He makes everything better.

I'd say that none of this would ever be possible without our readers/listeners, but the fact of the matter is that we'd probably do all this shit anyway. At least with you guys being around, we have more fun at Galway Bay.

SLAK: Other than the on-ice performance of the Hawks this has been the most fun I've had during a hockey season as far as interaction with fellow Hawk fans and being able to vent my frustrations/thoughts through a medium like Hockeenight. I'm not sure how Fork convinced so many people to read this site but he has and I'm grateful to be given the opportunity to sound off on here from time to time. 

Besides the Hawks putting together a better team next year I also hope the Blues return to their shitty form that we all know and miss. There's nothing better than recapping a Blues game that the Hawks not only won but saw St. Louis take 10 pointless penalties and lose their collective shit. 

As you may know, I can be quite active on Twitter especially during Hawks games and writing for Hockeenight has made that experience exponentially more enjoyable. Maybe next year I can get into the Committed Indian or perhaps a Blues eulogy, if they manage to get world class goaltending from whichever alien decides to inhabit the body of Brian Elliott next regular season. It was also fun being able to spread the word on Ryan Reaves' origin story as well as breaking the story about the beloved UC band Taint Nugget. 

CT:  It's hard to believe this thing has lasted four years.  Back when we started, Fork and I figured we'd give it a year, see if we were bored, and go from there.  We had no real plan, other than "hey, let's do a Blackhawks blog!".  And that's been the beauty of this thing, we never really have a plan.  We've spent the last four years throwing shit at the internet and seeing what sticks.

And what sticks are the things we enjoy.  You can be sure that if a feature on this site is ever described as "work" it probably won't last very long.  But you can count on a steady diet of Morph's brilliant photoshops, Slaky's hilarious recaps of Blues games, Fork's outstanding draft preview and whatever the hell it is I do around here.

Anyway, after 4 years, it still blows my mind that we have readers.  Hockey fans who hang out in the Shoutbox, read our ramblings, listen to the Puckcast and show up to drink Malort with us at Galway Bay.

And there's always been something I've wondered about our readership...

...what the hell is wrong with you people?


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