DETROIT SUCKS: Always Be (re)Capping

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So, tonight was supposed to be the first Blackhawks/Red Wings game of the season.  And yet here we are instead, apparently on the brink of losing the entire season.  I originally thought I'd recap the CBA negotiations up to now, but there appears to be no point.  So instead, I'll stick to what I know: breakfast.

From what I remember, baking used to be hard in the old timey days.  It involved pummeling dough, getting flour all over the place and use of a rolling pin.  And if you somehow failed to carefully measure each of the ingredients all your stupid work was for nothing.

Today, none of that has to happen.  Thanks to modern technology, a dope like me can roll out of bed at 6:30 am and have a dozen delicious muffins ready to eat by 7:00.  This morning I did just that.  

Recap: Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip Muffins


Easy.  These are retardedly easy to make.  You need a couple of eggs, water, cooking oil and the magic bag that has everything else in it.  Mix all this into a fine paste, schlep it into a muffin tray and bake it for 20 minutes.  Then bask in the glory as you are a hero to your children.

Taste - well, of course they taste good - you're basically eating fricking cupcakes for breakfast.  But since they're called "muffins" on the box, I guess it's okay.


Nutritional value.  There is none.  Basically, they've removed the only healthy part of blueberry muffins and replaced it with candy.  Also, the serving size is one muffin.  Which is ridiculous.  You'll never eat just one of these things.  I ate two for breakfast, another before lunch and a fourth while making dinner.


Let's just say I'm guessing that Dustin Byfuglien is VERY familiar with this product.

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