Hawks/Preds: Always Be (re)Capping

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Well, that's depressing.  

I figured tonight I'd recap the CBA negotiations up to this point.  So here's the recap:

September 15th: The NHL's collective bargaining agreement expires.  Nothing happens.

September 19th: All September preseason games are canceled.

September 27th: the rest of the preseason games are canceled.

October 4th: regular season games through October 24th are canceled.

October 19th: a pattern develops as all remaining October games are canceled.

October 26th: The NHL announces that the Blackhawks fans will not be bitching about the annual circus trip this year.  

November 2nd:  The NHL cancels the Winter Classic.  They also cancel the New York City Marathon, because there's no sense in wasting a good cancellation announcement.

And there you have it.  The NHL had gone to great pains to cultivate a unique event that garnered some national attention for their regular season, and had managed to actually seize January 1st from college football thanks to the clusterfuck that is the BCS.  Today, they flushed that down the toilet.

From the start of the lockout, I've feared that we were headed down the same path as 2004.  Yeah, the revenue picture is a lot different for the NHL now, but one fact remains: the owners survived a complete cancellation of a hockey season and basically got the players to surrender unconditionally.  The fact that they won the war and then completely fucked up the peace doesn't mean that they can't use this strategy again.  The sad fact is, part of this is the fans' fault.  Most of us ran back to the NHL as soon as it started up again, so what do these assholes have to fear in the way of backlash?

Anyway, since the start of this recap, I've drunk enough bourbon to steel myself for an important Hockeenight announcement.  Our website now endorses this crazy person:

Peter's qualifications appear to be that:
  1. He owns the domain name NationalHockeyLeaguePlayersAssociation.com
  2. He's crazier than a shithouse rat
Whatever the case, he can't be worse than the buffoons who are currently not negotiating with each other.



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