Hawks/Avalanche: ALWAYS BE (re)CAPPING

You may or may not have heard, there was an election yesterday. Maybe you voted, maybe you didn't.

If your guy won, you feel vindicated, validated, and your faith in humanity has been restored. If your guy lost, maybe the Mayans are onto something.

Anyway, we've always been apolitical here at Hockeenight, and that will continue tonight. Sure, I may fuck with Donald Trump on Twitter, but let's face it - that guy is a total bellend. I just got a good laugh explaining to my wife what a "bellend" is.

Now I can tell you that among the Four Zorsemen we pretty much run the political gamut, from batshit Liberal to batshit Conservative to batshit doesn't really-care-ZOMG-how-can-you-not-care-can't-you-see-what-the-(insert group here)-are-doing-to-the-(country/world/town/produce section)?

But here, we're all about hockey. Let's get to this...


Every night the Blackhawks play, there are over 20,000 people jammed into every nook and cranny of the United Center. Whatever your belief system is in regard to religion, politics, economics, the environment, whatever - there is somebody else in there who is certain that whatever you believe will infect your soul, curve your spine, and keep the country from winning the war.

But you know what? That same person will turn to you and high-five you when the Hawks score. And if some doucherocket Blues fan decides to start some shit, he's got your back.When we're at a game, we're all part of the same community, and there's an air of "we're all in this together" that transcends any of that other shit. And we can all agree that charging $7 for DeGiorno pizza should be illegal.,


The whole process. There are probably emails going out today asking for money for the next election. There are Democrats and Republicans already looking for office space in Des Moines. This shit is endless and circular. I've personally been very enthusiastic about politics my whole life, but this is just getting ridiculous. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me interested is the sweet, sweet butthurt. Even when it's from people who agree with me.


Trying to watch the NHL Network and getting those ads. Those fucking ads. The rhetoric is ratcheted up to a point that no matter who gets elected (and somebody has to win each of these elections), there's never any chance of people getting behind the winner when it's all over. But the fact remains that when the winner of an election does well, we all do well. But you can't convince people of that after months of ads telling them the person who just got elected throws marbles in front of little old ladies with walkers.

Still, I hold out some hope. There's one thing that can bring everyone together no matter how thick the acrimony gets:

Detroit sucks.


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