Blackhawks vs. Canucks: Always Be (Re)capping

Now you've done it you bastards. We could have been watching the Hawks play the Canucks. It might have been 6-5. It might have been 2-1. We might have seen Cory Schneider or my new favorite goalie Roberto Luongo. BUT WE'LL NEVER KNOW. No, instead there are a host of pointless college basketball games, college football games and this piss-poor excuse for professional football that is Bills-Dolphins. Great idea by the NFL to shine a spotlight on the murkiest depths of the league every Thursday night when they know the brain dead consumers of their product simply can't say no. Since I started typing this the Dolphins have thrown two interceptions in a matter of ninety seconds of actual clock. 

But there is hockey on - if you turn on the NHL Network these days and make it through the QuiBids and Bizads and Fizznits ads that look like they were filmed with someone's flip phone there's actual hockey on. And right now you've got something called the Subway Super Series which is the stars of the Western Hockey League versus a bunch of Russian youngsters including Nail Yakupov. There's a lot of future talent on the ice so let's live blog the final 4:22 of this second period. 

- There's a lot of board and ice ads for something called Old Dutch which I can only assume is a disgusting Canadian sex move

- Russia seems to be quite a bit better tonight. They lead the WHL 4-1. 

- Oh good, a commercial break. Here's an ad for fans to go to to vote for their favorite NHL moments. This just seems like cruel teasing. So far every ad has been an NHL sponsored ad. In other words: free. 

- Apparently Blue Jackets number one pick Ryan Murray is not playing tonight which has opened up the game for team Russia. 

- I like to imagine this series is getting a lot of coverage in Canada - like the first 20 minutes of SportsCentre (sic) kind of coverage. 

- Hey, it's Mark McNeill! He'll be on the Hawks 4th line in two years for about 13 games and then we'll never see him again. 

- Russia is ridiculously talented. This kid just redirected a long shot about knee high right off the crossbar. 

- Nail Yakupov is going to be something. But he probably doesn't want to get his face rearranged which seems to be what he's asking for as this period and blog post mercifully come to a close. 

I'm sure you all heard the news: Gary Bettman is recommending a two week hiatus from negotiations. Bill Daly said that they can't make a deal with a union who is flat out uninterested in cooperating. It's all a show folks. Try not to get to worked up. Bill and Gary aren't listening and you're just going to give yourself hemorrhoids. 

My prediction: they'll be back at the table around Thanksgiving and we'll have hockey around Christmas. You can come back and call me a moron if it doesn't happen but until then enjoy some optimism. 


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  • 11/16/2012 1:15 AM Fro Dog wrote:
    Or, Fork and CT can finally put me on a Puckcast which will guarantee that the lockout will end within a mere 72 hours after my appearance. I GUARANTEE IT.
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