Ducks/Blackhawks: ALWAYS BE (re)CAPPING

This has been a shitty week for hockey. At least for NHL hockey.

The NHLPA made their offer on Wednesday, only to get yet another Danza Slap from the owners. Then, players kept trying to one-up each other with stupid comments, starting with Ian White calling Bettman an idiot (leave that to us experts, Ian), then Kris "Goddamnit" Versteeg calling Bettman a "cancer", followed by Jeff O'Neill saying something about "Making whole" in Bettman's head. Poor use of homonyms there, pal.

All this stupidity was topped off by the utter brilliance of the Blackhawks' very own Dave Bolland, giving a retweet to some numbskull saying Bettman should be dead..

So where does that leave us? Well, instead of us doing whatever it is we do on "Black Friday", which for me usually entails a turkey sandwich and the Hawks in Anaheim, we're left to our own devices.

Tonight marks the beginning of "Killer Karaoke", which boasts (if they are in fact boasting) Steve O from "Jackass" fame. At least somewhere along the way he decided getting other people to humiliate themselves was better than lighting your own nuts on fire. So kudos for figuring that out, Mr. O.

Let's watch a couple clips from this show, shall we?

Pretty wacky, eh? So this starts airing tonight. Let's get to this:


I'll give props. These people hung in there a lot longer than I would have. The first one, I'd be out as soon as they wanted me to stuck my head into the pigeon cage (I used to have a pet red tail boa, so I would have been fine with the snakes). The second one, I'd be out the door the second they wanted to put me in a suit with some other dude.


How long to you expect a show like this to last? At some point, you've got to expect they will start running out of ideas, not to mention willing contestants. This show is on the same network that has "Consipiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura", so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think these people are basically walking away with a couple cans of Turtle Wax. You'll run out of people willing to put up with this shit for no real payoff pretty quickly.


The singing isn't very good, I guess. Maybe these people could smoke Morph in a karaoke setting that doesn't involve ritual humiliation, but it basically just turns into "how much can we fuck with people?" In that case, I'd rather watch that obstacle course show with the giant boxing gloves.

But in the meantime...can we get Taint Nugget signed up for this?


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