Hawks Vs. Flames: Always Be (re)Capping

I have a confession to make: this was all my idea.

Yes, it was I who floated the idea that Hockeenight post regular recaps of whatever we wanted in place of the NHL's canceled games.  My thinking was that we'd all have a good laugh in October, get desperate in November but that hockey would be back by Thanksgiving.

As always, I'm a complete idiot.

Anyway, as I'm running out of ideas, tonight will be a recap of the non-candy snacks that I have in my house.


Jays Potato Chips: Puckcast listeners won't be surprised by this.  I don't know why, but Jay's chips are just fucking awesome.  Compare the ingredients on a bag of Jay's and a bag of Lay's, they would appear to be exactly the same.  But anybody who has tasted both knows Jay's are far superior.  

Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts:  Sodium.  Protein.  Goes great with beer.  I submit this is the most underrated snack ever.

Cheddar Flavored Fish Crackers: I don't know why I can't stop eating this, but I just can't.  If you have kids, you probably keep 300 bags on hand and eat half of them yourself.


Pretzels: Let's face it, pretzels are neutral at best, and mostly just bad.  The only time they approach good is when they're dipped in something that makes you not taste the pretzel.  We only keep them in the house to fool our children into thinking they are eating something forbidden.

At some point during this writeup, I took 45 minutes off to watch some of the movie Dodgeball.  Because if you don't like seeing Rip Torn hit Justin Long with wrenches, then we can't be friends.


Regular Fritos:  Flavored Fritos?  Anybody who's had the chili cheese variety will tell you how delicious they are.  But regular Fritos?  Meh.  They're greasy, oversalted and not much use at all unless you've got french onion dip to dunk them in.


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