HOCKEENIGHT BOOK CLUB: The Best of Down Goes Brown

Here at HOCKEENIGHT, we like to think that we're pretty funny guys. We've got jokes, and I like my own jokes so much that the main thing you hear on our Puckcast is me laughing at them.

However, our friend Sean McIndoe at Down Goes Brown is funnier than any or all of us by several degrees of magnitude. If you need proof of this, beyond his outstanding website, he's actually published a book, The Best of Down Goes Brown: Greatest Hits and Brand New Classics-To-Be From Hockey's Most Hilarious Blog.

To give you an idea on just how funny it is, I was already laughing while I was reading the acknowledgements. There was one joke in there that had my wife laughing to the point that she had tears rolling down her face (hint: T. Mussolini).

Now, you're asking yourself...why should I spend money on a book of stuff written for a website when I can just go there and read it all for free when my boss isn't looking?

Fair question. You see, he's written a bunch of new stuff for the book that you can't get online. It's all extremely funny, and great reading for any hockey fan. And since there's no actual hockey, you might as well spend some time in McIndoe's world, since it's pretty damn entertaining. Besides, he manages to do it all with no profanity, which is something some other hockey sites (this one, for example) would never dare attempt.

You still don't feel like laying out dough for a book? Fine, cheapskate. Here's what we're going to do...we're going to have a contest.



Here's the skinny. Send your best limerick about Wendel Clark to:


The best one (as judged by Mr. McIndoe himself), will win a signed copy of this fine tome.

The only people ineligible for this groovy prize are the Four Zorsemen and their relatives. Have your entries in by December 15.

So get on it. And please, support DGB by picking up a copy of the book. There are enough tools out there making a lot of money, the least we can do is support one of the good guys.


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