REVENGE GAME: Hawks 6, Coyotes 4

Well, that was slop.  But fun slop!

I didn't really expect a masterpiece as the Hawks played the second half of their first set of back to back games tonight, and Lord knows we didn't get one.  But in this short season, all that matters are points, and they don't give out points for style.

Plus, it was nice to see a whole bunch of goals after having no hockey for a while.  Granted each side got a couple of the cheap variety, but who are we to resist it, ah?  Anyway, Phoenix foolishly got themselves caught up in a run and gun hockey game with the Blackhawks, and they simply don't have the fire power to keep up with Chicago - especially on a night when Mike Smith is throwing tantrums and smashing goalie sticks on his net.


Marian Hossa - It appears that the long lay off has served big Hoss well.  Marian clearly doesn't have any lingering fear of getting hit and tonight he stood out every time he was on the ice and came away with 2 goals - he's on pace for 96 this season.

The Bolland Line:  Apparently we're calling it this now.  Whatever you want to call it, the line of Kane, Sharp and Bolland was outstanding in the offensive zone.  After two games, Patrick Kane looks much more decisive on the ice, and on the power play he's not just holding the puck but moving around to draw the defense and then dishing to an open man.  That's how Kane got Dave Bolland his first goal, on a pass that even Andrew Ebbett would have scored on.

Michal Rozsival:  He got two assists and Fro said bad things about him in the Shoutbox.  That punches his ticket for The Good.  Fuck you, Fro.


Pond Hockey:  Defense appeared to be optional tonight, luckily the Hawks were playing the Coyotes - I'll take the Hawks against this bunch in pond hockey any day.

Ray Emery: Yeah, it was his first game and there was virtually no training camp.  But Emery should have had that first goal and looked shaky the rest of the way.  The good news is, maybe there won't be a goaltending controversy this year.

Mike Smith:  I'm trying to think of the last time I saw something as phony as Smith pretending to get enraged and then smashing his goalie stick.  Oh yeah, it was last year when Andrew Shaw breezed past Smith in last year's playoffs and inadvertently rendered him legally dead for 5 minutes.


Bollig vs. Bissonnette: Wow, what a useless fucking display.  This is why people are ready to drop fighting from hockey.  What purpose does stopping the game so these two dopes can miss each other with roundhouses serve?  I'd rather have an actual player on the ice instead.



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