JINX PROOF: Blackhawks 3, Predators 0

Before the season started you heard everyone talking about the weak Central Division. Detroit had finally lost Lidstrom. The Hawks didn’t look so great last year and had shaky goaltending. Nashville lost Ryan Suter and had to shell out a almost a hundred million Dolly Partons to keep him. The Blues were supposed to ahahahaha the Blues are fucking terrible. 

Anyway, both the Hawks and Predators have played eleven games and while, recordwise, nobody can match the Blackhawks right now - I think some people are surprised that the Preds are right there again with 14 points. They aren’t terribly exciting. They aren’t wowing the league. They are a Barry Trotz coached team which means they compete every night and they’re going to be around whether we like it or not. I’ve said it a hundred times: never write off a Trotz team.

Except for tonight. The Blackhawks thoroughly dominated the Predators and finally earned their first shutout in 76 years. I watched the game on DVR so I will take the blame for not being around to jinx Corey Crawford and his Belfour-In-Dallas type night. I think he had 3 saves. Great job. 


- Crawford! 

- Marcus Kruger gets smashed so often he should start calling himself Frogger. That said he opened the Hawks account for the night and scored effectively the game winning goal on a beautiful kick pass from...Roman Josi? 

- Brandon Saad. I must have written SAAD like five times in my notes. Hustling and drawing penalties, putting the puck on net, just doing everything. He had a shift in the first period that would have removed my pants if I was wearing any. 

- Toews and Kane with goals tonight. Ho hum. I think we're going to have to send Kane to Switzerland every year. 

- The Hawks seemed to have a stick in the way of most Predator attempts on net. They were just awesome tonight. Seriously, what a performance. 


- Rich Clune had a boring fight with Andrew Shaw and then at one point skated around with no stick for thirty seconds looking like a real goof. Hey if you're such a rich clune how come you can't afford a stick? He should change his name to Poor Clune. 

- Hal Gill is a golem. I would say he's big enough to blot out the sun but in those jerseys I'm not sure he wasn't the actual sun. Also that would explain why the ice was so terrible. Goddamn Hot Sun Hal - get out of here. 

- The Nashville PA announced that Carrie Underwood won a Grammy during the game. A professional hockey game. I'm sure Mike Fisher could have waited to check his fucking voicemail. You suck for that Nashville jesus christ. 


- Barry Trotz

- We all hate Martin Erat but didn't get to hate him tonight because him and his whole team were bad. Here's something - why don't we call him Martin "Quod" Erat or "Crossword"? Something to chew on. 

Ok, I'm tired. This team is pretty good and this should be fun. Are you having fun? You should be. Now the Blackhawks will play a lot of home games and hopefully I can figure out a way to go to at least one of them. Best record in the NHL. Go Hawks. 


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