Whacking Day: Hawks 8, Stars 1

Tired of one goal games?  Then I have good news for you.  The Hawks came out Saturday night in Dallas and hammered the Stars from pillar to post from the opening faceoff.

I really don't know what to say about this one.  The Hawks absolutely drilled Dallas, in fact, the game was so lopsided we're going to have to change the format of the recap tonight.


Bryan Bickell - 5 Hawks had 3 points tonight...did you know that one of them was Bryan Bickell?  You do now.  And another was...

Viktor Stalberg - 3 points for Vik and all were assists.  I mention this because if Stalberg could finish he's probably have chipped in at least two more goals, as he had some great chances.


Jonathan Toews - Toews but the Hawks up 2-0 in the first 10 minutes of the game.  Technically, Chicago wouldn't need any more offense than that, but since there was nothing else to do...

Marian Hossa - Marian Hossa is a DAMNHELLASS King.  His play as of late has been vintage Hoss, and he got his 12th and 13th goals tonight.  Just like Toews, as a matter of fact.


I wonder what will become of the idiots(BARRY ROZNER) who want(ed?) to trade Patrick Kane?  I hope they stick around and stay vocal.  Because Patrick Kane is having a FUCK YOU season like no Blackhawk I've ever seen.  Kane had two assists, and then scored a late goal on a beautiful spin-o-rama.  On top of that he was still playing defense late in the game and blocked a point shot that set him off on a break away.  He didn't score on that one, I think because he couldn't decide on an appropriately ridiculous move to use in that situation.


I'm not so stupid as to nitpick an asskicking like this.  No, I just kind of wished guys like Jimmy Hayes, Branden Saad and Michael Frolik could have gotten a goal today.  But that's more personal feelings, not a criticism of their play.

Also, for some reason every time Stephane Robidas' name comes up, the announce team must bring up the fact that he played for the Hawks.  You would think based on focus he gets that Robidas played with the team forever.  Or at least had some kind of impact.  I know he did on Barry Rozner, who was always asshurt at Dale Tallon for letting Robidas "get away".  

Stephane Robidas has played over 800 games in the NHL.  Exactly 45 of those games were with the Chicago Blackhawks team that managed 59 points in 2003-4.  Can we please forget about Stephane Robidas already?

Up Next:  It's a RIVALRY GAME as the Blackhawks take on the Avalanche on Monday night.


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  • 3/17/2013 1:50 AM Fro Dog wrote:
    If you guys think I am a tool, all I can tell myself is that at least, I am not Barry Rozner. Seriously. I am not that stupid to demand that "THE HOCKS SHOOD TRADE AWAY DAT BUM, KANE".

    Also, I think the Blackhawks are due to kick the crap out of the Avalanche on Monday. This past game against the Stars reminded me of some fun days a few years ago. Let's keep it going.
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    1. 3/17/2013 2:19 PM Ace wrote:
      Fun recap. It was nice and kinda a relief to watch the Hawks dominate a game a after so many close ones.

      After far as that tool Rozner, ("that tool" should really be his first name instead Barry ), earlier in the season, I came across a blog post from the clown, basically trying to save face after leading the "trade that lazy drunk" charge last year, by claiming that he doesn't regret anything he said because "any responsible GM would have at least looked into trading Kane last year". He tried to spin the crap he was spouting as him just having high expectations and being disappointed in Kane, so he's super happy for him now! (as if you couldn't have wanted better out of Kane last year, but still not want to trade him because that's nonsense).

      I swear, him and Rosenbloom should just take a rocket ride to the sun. It would improve our gene pool
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