CLOWN CAR: Kings 5, Blackhawks 4

Where's the fucking circus?

This sure didn’t feel like a 5-4 game.  The Kings seemed to control most of the game.  The Blackhawks started strong, but never really reestablished control after the first period.  There was a decided lack of effort on the part of some of the players, and Jim Fucking Belushi was driving the Goddamn clown car.  Here's my awful, biased ANGERcap.


- Michael Frolik.  Taters was incredible all over the ice tonight. 2 goals and an assist, and he looked good for almost the whole game.  Crappy penalty in the 3rd, though.  Even my kids know better than to follow through with your hands high.  GET YOUR STICK ON THE ICE! 

- Kane and Toews, as usual, pulled their own weight and then some.  Kaner made Quick look like Cristobal Huet, flailing and falling, when he scored goal #3 for the Blackhawks.

- Keith/Seabrook.  They were by far the best D pair on the ice tonight. If only we could clone them.


- Dave Bolland.  I miss the days when the Rat played good hockey.  Tonight he looked listless and uninspired.  Coming off the PK in the 3rd, he took a crappy icing call that was totally unnecessary.

- Johnny Oduya.  I would love to see the Oduya from the beginning of the year.  Ugh.

- Niklas Hjalmarsson.  On the tying goal that the Kings scored with 1 second left in the 2nd, he totally gave up after a weak stick-swipe attempt.  So did Viktor Stalberg, for that matter. Giving up before the buzzer is simply not acceptable, folks. 


- Brandon Bollig.  He almost made me want to see #gorillasalad out there.  Seriously. When he wasn’t picking awful fights, he was waving weakly at pucks.  It is really time for some new blood here… Morin?  Smith?

- Mike Richards/Jeff Carter.  Wild and crazy guys/well-known partyers…but they sure aren’t earning their beer money this year.  On the other hand, their awfulness gives me a chance to share this pshop with what is hopefully now a wider audience than when I originally made it, last year.  Oh, and I've improved it a little.



That’s just not getting it done, Blackhawks.  So many turnovers, so many defensive lapses… the Kings controlled most of the game.  Hopefully tomorrow night against the hapless Flames will be better.  Oh, and Jarome Iginla something something Blackhawks something. LET'S GO HAWKS!

EDIT: OK, so I let the ANGER get to me.  The Hawks with their full lineup are still the best team in the NHL, and it's hard to overcome the loss of Sharpie and Hossa.  Things are not bleak for the whole season, remain calm, all is well, etc. Still, can we stop with the Brandon Bollig crap now? 


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