Slak did an excellent job of expressing his thoughts about what we've seen in this series. 

While I completely understand his feelings of dread with a side order of panic - after all, we're both Cub fans - I represent the Yang to Slak's Yin.

I honestly wish I could walk into the Blackhawks' clubhouse right now and kick each and every last one of them square in the ass.

After quickly dispatching the Minnesota Wild, then following it up with a curbstomping of the Detroit Red Wings in the first game of this series, it would be very easy sledding all the way through. Unfortunately, the Red Wings didn't get the memo.

After the first game, the Hawks clearly didn't have the throttle fully opened for Game 2 on Saturday, and they got absolutely obliterated. Last night, they outplayed the Red Wings for most of the night, only to be undone by a brief, albeit fatal, bed-shitting in the  second period.

Now that I've listened to all the pissing and moaning that I can tolerate about the interference call that cost the Hawks a goal last night, let me add one thought.

Get the fuck over it.

Was it a blown call? Yeah. But so was the missed boarding call on Niklas Hjalmarsson. If that call gets made, the puck is whistled dead before Patrick Kane gets it. So two shit calls that cancelled each other out. 

The fact of the matter is, none of it should have mattered. Jonathan Toews spent his time after Game 2 bitching about officiating in a way that was anything but Toewsian. Anyway, what does it matter what you think about the referees when Andrew Shaw keeps throwing late hits, and everybody seems to be filling a Gorilla Salad-sized hole that doesn't really exist.

In short, the last two games have been the antithesis of what the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks are all about. 

All season long, the Hawks have been cold-blooded and methodical about their business. When goalies stone them, they've never deviated from their game plan. They would simply bide their time until their opponent made a mistake, and they would capitalize on it.

At least last night, Jonathan Toews' game began to awaken. I compare it to watching God yawn, right before he wakes up.

Now the rest of the team needs to drop their cocks, grab their socks, and get down to brass tacks.

They haven't dug themselves a hole so deep that a win Thursday night doesn't fill it in.

But the time for screwing around is over. The Blackhawks are the better team, and it's high time they prove it.


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