Very Bad Things: Hawks 0, Red Wings 2 (3-1 Wings)



Corey Crawford:  Crow's the reason the Hawks were in this game at all.  He was outstanding, and anybody who wants to put forth the idea that Ray Emery should start on Saturday to "change the momentum" should fucking drink bleach.

Jimmy "Jebus" Howard - credit where it's due.  Without Jimmy Howard the Wings would be stains on the road by now.  But they've got him, and the Hawks need to figure out what to do.


Jonathan Toews - Never thought I'd have to type that.  I know the focus is on the lack of goals, but Toews played like a beast in game 3.  Tonight though...he was just...guh.  3 consecutive penalties in the 2nd period, and his timing just seemed bad all night.

Power Play - This is the thing.  Chris Block warned us.  The Blackhawks may bitch about the officiating, but the fact is they haven't done shit with the power plays they've been granted and they were absolutely horrible on the PP tonight.  The entry was terrible, the cycle was terrible everything was just...terrible.


It's all ugly now.  But special mention to Joel Quenneville who started this game with completely different lines from the last one, despite the Hawks getting the better of the play.  Also, in the final minute of the game, Q had Kane on the bench while his team fucking floundered trying to enter the zone with the extra man.  If the Hawks lose this series, Q's head needs to be on the block, as he's panicking this series, and he's running out of assistant coaches to sacrifice to the power play gods.

So here we are.  As often happens in the NHL, the regular season now means shit.  The Hawks have to win Saturday or face a long offseason of introspection.  The series can still be won, so now it's time for our rally cry:


See you Saturday.


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  • 5/24/2013 1:43 AM Flaneur wrote:
    Has a coach ever been nominated for the Adams and let go in the same year?

    And didn't Block also have the Hawks going out in the second round? Right now that certainly sounds more prescient than 'nobody beats the Hawks four out of seven.' Fucker.
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  • 5/24/2013 8:19 AM Mr. V wrote:
    (I before e still confuses me. It still don't look right.)
    P.S. Was that David Toews wearing 19 last night?

    GO HOCKS!!!!
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  • 5/24/2013 9:24 AM pstumba wrote:
    i hear alain vigneault is available
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