GOING BACK TO CALI - Blackhawks 4, Kings 2


Would you believe I suggested this lame title and Fork thought I was referencing a song by LL Cool J and not the Notorious B.I.G.? That's our Fork. The Blackhawks entered tonight's game with a very successful history in the second of back-to-back contests and tonight was no different. The Kings might have counted themselves unlucky to start tonight because while they mostly outplayed the Hawks in the first period they found themselves down 2-0 when the horn sounded. It didn't get much better from there as the Hawks cruised in this one and won it 4-2. 

One of the subplots of this series, which I find hilarious, is that the Blackhawks are suddenly the dirtiest team in the league. Maybe that's just LA fans looking in the mirror and not liking what they see. But more than likely it's because the Hawks' iffy hits have caused a few injuries, which no one wants to see. Mike Richards wasn't able to answer the bell in this one after Dave Bolland's hit in game one. Bryan "Ronny Pickle" Bickell left out a lingering leg which clipped Drew Doughty's ankle. Hopefully he's ok. Andrew Shaw...well he's just a creep. Anyway it appears that the difference between dirty and aw shucks is a guy actually getting hurt. So stop getting hurt, LA players. We're sensitive and don't like being called names. 

Let's do the stuff:


- Corey Crawford continues to be the goalie people should be talking about. Not only did he have another solid game but he also came to Jonathan Toews' aid when noted penisloaf Kyle Clifford was looking to throw some wild haymakers. Call Toews names if you like but I'd rather have Clifford hitting Crow's helmet than the captain's oft-concussed head. Here's to you Crow - you just won over the meatballs. 

- Michal Handzus...wait, what? Yeah - he's old, slow, and no longer has a mullet but he's still got good hands and he's shown them a few times. Tonight he rifled a shot past Jon Quick which chased the greatest goaltender of all time to the bench. There was much rejoicing. 

- Everything was good tonight, really. The Corsi/Fenwick page doesn't look great and the Kings outshot the Hawks 31-26 but the Hawks also had a large lead for most of the game and so that's just how things tend to go. It's very difficult to find anything to complain about tonight. That LA power play goal at the end sure was a minor buzzkill. 


- Dave Bolland played 8 minutes tonight and took a stupid penalty. He had no points and no shots. I guess the bloom is really off the rose. Poor guy (not literally, he's quite rich). 

- I wish Ray Emery was in so he could have sent Jon Bernier into next month with his insanity. 


- The Blackhawks are apparently the Broad Street Bullies reincarnate. Seriously though, hopefully people stop getting injured. I'd like to be able to say the Hawks beat the Kings at full strength. Then again, I'm dreading the moment Dustin Brown finally catches someone unawares. 

The Blackhawks hit that holiday road and face the Kings, who are red-hot at the Staples Center, for the next two contests. Hopefully we don't see the Blackhawks on United Center ice until the Finals but the odds of that are slim to quite slim. Let's Go Hawks. 



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