HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US: Hockeenight Turns 5

Oh, so long ago...June 3, 2008. 

The world was a simpler place back then. Marian Hossa was playing for a Stanley Cup contender, the Washington Capitals were sent packing in the first round after winning their division, Sidney Crosby was bitching about officiating and Dustin Penner was fat.

How things have changed.

Two meatheads, Forklift and CT, had each thought about starting a Blackhawks site in the spirit of Desipio or Hire Jim Essian. They figured together, they'd have to spend half the money and effort. It was in this spirit of cheapness and laziness that HOCKEENIGHT was born. In fact, the creators of Desipio and HJE have shown their own admiration for our efficient model of cheap and lazy.

Since then, we've added Slak for his beard, Morph for his photoshop wizardry, Thrill for his mastery of the Internet, and Umlaut in case we ever need to know the difference between a foil and epee.

We were planning on marking our birthday during a live Puckast last night, but the whole "Blackhawks playing in the Western Conference Final" got in the way. We blame the Rolling Stones, who are the only four people currently in Chicago who are older than Fork.

We've been able to drink Malort with many people we never knew before. We've packed Galway Bay and still haven't gotten blacklisted. We've recapped hundreds of games. We've done 199 Puckcasts. We've brought all kinds of weird shit into the world of Blackhawks fans, from "Holiday Road" to a fuckload of hashtags like...


And most importantly, we've introduced you all to the wonders of Big Cheyenne. 

FORK: For five years, I've watched my wife shake her head at the dumb stuff we've done. I've found myself shaking my head at how people have responded to the dumb stuff we've done. I know when CT and I started doing this, we never thought it would be anything other than a place for our friends to come and maybe laugh at some of our jokes. If we never grew beyond that it would have been fine with me. The fact that so many people have come along for the ride is pretty astounding. Thanks to everyone who reads and laughs at what we do.

MORPH: I'm just the Johnny-come-lately guy with a passion for Blackhawks hockey and a knack for using GIMP.  My job came into being because I managed to meet like three deadlines for ad hoc requests.  I am astounded by the fact that the Big Cheyenne theory has gone this far and has still not yet been disproven.  I hope to one day publish a Big Cheyenne thesis paper with no words.  Thanks everyone for laughing at my photoshops and tolerating what little writing I do here.  Thank God Fork and CT take most of the recaps.

SLAK: To say this has been the most fun I've ever had watching hockey would be an understatement. I think part of why I was so nervous about the Detroit series was wanting to beat Detroit but also not wanting Blackhawks hockey to end. Fork and CT gave me a spot to make fun of the Blues and it's turned into a very fun thing which I'm grateful for. 

CT: Wait, is this thing still here?  Really?  Seriously though, as I look back to five years ago, and contemplate the state of affairs at that time it blows my mind.  The Hawks were up and coming, the NHL was in the doldrums, the internet was a complete wasteland and Malort a beverage unknown to all but a discerning group of winos..  Then came Hockeenight.com.  Since that day in June five years ago, the Blackhawks have won a Stanley Cup and are threatening another, the NHL has seen record ratings and demand for upwards of 19 outdoor games a year, the internet is now a place renowned for its peaceful discourse between people of all ideas, the gospel of Malort is preached from the mountain tops, the world economy has been saved  from the brink of destruction and peace reigns throughout the land.  All this thanks to our humble website.  So I guess I just have one thing to say to our faithful readers: you're welcome.

Oh fine, one other thing:


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  • 6/3/2013 9:43 PM Keith wrote:
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  • 6/3/2013 9:49 PM EValC wrote:
    Happy happy birthday. I love that you guys are still around!! This website has brought many a tear through laughter and through some disgust. I thank you for your complete ownership of laziness and commitment to the most inside hockey jokes ever. I hope it's another five years for you guys. Oh and Moroh really does the best photoshops.
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  • 6/3/2013 9:55 PM JDNoceChicagoTough wrote:
    During the summer of 2008, the Cubs were flying through the NL. I loved going to HJE and listening to some fun banter HOPING I could find something similar in the future for Blackhawks sites. You guys provided that. I found people that were big enough losers to talk about that Pens-Wings series in 08. You guys rock.

    My wife sees my GONNA DRINKEN shirt and is thoroughly confused.

    We'll always have Sopel...and his crank.
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  • 6/3/2013 9:55 PM Fro Dog wrote:
    You guys are awesome. You give a whole new meaning to "internet friends" and since I don't have any in real life, you guys are all I have. It's fun getting together every now and then at Galway to watch a game.
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  • 6/3/2013 10:11 PM ld wrote:
    Congrats on making it to the age of consent in St. Louis.
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  • 6/4/2013 4:57 AM mightymikeD wrote:
    You can add Teaching Hawks Nation how to speak "Meatball" to your list of achievements. Outside of DGB & Minnesota's Capgeek page, nothing makes me laugh more than Hockeenight. The Puckcasts, the proliferation of Big C, the History of Täint Nügget and the Hatecaps are all among my favourite things.
    I'll see you guys at a Gonna Drinken one of these days.. and I'm honoured to have my crappy wee video included in this post
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  • 6/4/2013 8:42 AM Mr V. wrote:
    Happy B-Day!!! It takes a good partner to keep it up that long!

    To the 5 year olds!!!! (Raise yer Malort.)

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  • 6/4/2013 9:26 AM Tinker to Evers to Chance wrote:
    Five years on and still the undisputed worst website ever. Congrats.
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  • 6/4/2013 9:28 AM pstumba wrote:
    I hate you guys... but no, seriously, I hate you guys...

    Holiday ROOOOoooOOOoooad
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  • 6/4/2013 10:45 AM Mike D. wrote:
    And to think, had I not introduced Fork and CT when we sat in my seats for a Cubs game, none of this would've happened. I WANT MY ROYALTIES!
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  • 6/4/2013 11:18 AM Justin wrote:
    So glad i found Hockeenight.com you guys make being a fan of the 'Hawks that much better, and being a terrible person to other hockey teams, fans, and writers has never been more fun
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  • 6/4/2013 3:23 PM jayc4life wrote:
    It's been a tremendous 2 or 3 years following this blog and getting involved with all the completely unrelated stuff you guys have pushed into the annals of Blackhawks meme history. Through Stalberg Porn, Shaw Facts, Big Cheyenne Improves All Photos (and now, gifs), Malort, Gorilla Salad, amongst a boatload of others.

    The first time I'd heard of you guys, was when you had Kat from a just-launched Runs On Duncan on, and I've been a fan ever since. It's been great (and somewhat lucky) that both times I've gone to see the Blackhawks themselves, my visits have coincided with roadwatches and Gonna Drinkens, and you guys are an absolute blast to be around. Happy anniversary fellas (and lady), and may there be many, many more to come!
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  • 6/5/2013 7:17 AM Dave Morris wrote:
    Wow, and HockeeNight even allows Canadians to participate. A heapin' helpin' of steamin' poutine to Da Boyz!!!
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