WOOF: Hawks 1, Kings 3 (Series 2-1 Hawks)

Before we begin, a quick word on announcers.  

First off, the announcers (whoever they might be) are NOT against YOUR team.  Yes, I know they said good things about the Kings and wouldn't shut the fuck up about Sutter's brilliant idea to move Jeff Carter to center.  But, until the third period, the Hawks didn't really give them much to work with.  I'm sure most LA fans sat through games 1 & 2 fuming over Donald Pang's Midwest Bias.  So just settle down about shit like this.  The announcers aren't going to beat the Hawks.  But you really blame them for wanting LA to make a series of this thing.  I mean, they're all basically fired as soon as the Western Conference Finals end.

Anyway, LA came out and played their best game of the series.  They were about as good as I've seen them and they won 2-1.  The poise the Hawks had previously showed in breaking out against the Kings forecheck was completely absent and what passes were made never seemed to connect cleanly.  Time to regroup and focus on what got the Hawks this lead in the first place.  If they do that, there's no reason this series shouldn't go back to Chicago at 3-1.


Brain Bickell - Ronny Pickle had himself a nice night, scoring a nice goal on a wraparound, throwing his body around and getting some good PR from the announce team.  I'm going to TOTALLY OVERLOOK the fact that Bickell was glued to the bench for the second half of the first period.

Corey Crawford - This one sure as hell ain't on Crow.  He did all he could, but the Kings tilted the ice for the first two periods and got just enough to win.

Penalty Kill - killed off 5 power plays including a high-sticking double minor.  I'm not a master tactician by any means but Chicago might want to consider not taking stupid penalties.


Injuries - The Hawks have been very lucky from a health standpoint...Patrick Sharp took a hit from Dustin Brown and hurt hisself, and later Niklas Hjalmersson blocked a shot and died on the ice.  Hopefully he'll be in the lineup on Thursday.

Patrick Kane - I'm not one of those meatballs WHO TINKS PATRICK KANE IS TOO SOFT FER DA PLAYOFFS but Kane had a couple of glorious fucking chances in the third period where he chose to try and thread the needle on a pass instead of taking what was a clear shot.  And THAT is exactly the sort of thing I don't want to see from him.

Hawks Defenseman - I don't have a good word for any of them really.  Between Rozsival's follies, Brent Seabrook's falling down all over the place, Oduya playing like he drank a gallon of coffee, Hammer injuring himself with that dumbass shotblocking style and Duncan Keith's stupid double minor penalty, there is little to recommend from tonight.  I guess Nick Leddy didn't completely fuck anything up.  He's got that going for him.


What the hell is with this scheduling, anyway?  I don't think it hurts one team more than the other, but considering the Hawks and Wings seemingly had 3 days off between each game, I'm not sure why the NHL feels they need to finish their Conference Finals series in no more than 8 days.

Up next: Hawks and Kings go again on Thursday night.


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  • 6/5/2013 12:38 AM ArlingtonRob wrote:
    I couldn't care less about the damn announcers, but odds are they performed better than the Hawks tonight. Perhaps thursday they'll play like they want their names on the chalice this year.
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  • 6/5/2013 7:23 AM Dave Morris wrote:
    CT forgot to the insert the Mike Tyson quote (or reasonable facsimile thereof) to accompany this photo: "Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the snoot."

    Otherwise, an exemplary CT-ization of the game situation.
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  • 6/5/2013 8:06 AM Mr. V wrote:
    A superb 26 minute effert by da hocks.

    Cheez n Craackers.
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  • 6/5/2013 8:22 AM Puckinhostile wrote:
    Don't forget about Nick Leddy getting pinched off along the boards and coughing the puck up to Justine Williams which, eventually, ended up in the back of the net. So add him to the shitshow
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