DAMMIT, DUNC: Keith Suspended for Game 4

We all know this guy.

Decent guy. Really solid. You call him when you need furniture moved, and he drops what he's doing. Always shows up with good beer, never skips out when it's his turn to buy at the bar. Always willing to kick in gas money if you're driving.

But...you don't ever know when it's going to happen. You could be hanging out, having a good time, and somebody bumps into him and he spills some of his drink on himself. He's driving, and somebody pulls out in front of him. He's wearing new shoes and somebody steps on them and leaves a scuff.

Suddenly this guy loses his shit and turns into a raging asshole.

Number 2 in your scorecard, ladies and gentlemen.

This is not the first time that Duncan Keith has gotten suspended for doing something really stupid in retaliation for something stupid being done to him. Last night, Jeff Carter flipped Keith's glove off and slashed at his bare hand.

Last year, Keith got 5 games for going full Matt Cooke on Daniel Sedin after Sedin nailed Keith in the chin with his shoulder. And speaking of Cooke, in 2009 Keith scored a headshot on the Pittsburgh Penisloaf after Cooke blindsided him, but didn't receive a suspension. Because, you know, Matt Cooke.

Also this year was then Keith took the bait from reporter Karen Thomson earlier this season, when she asked a question about a slash, and he replied with a crack about her being the first female referee.

So what does all this mean?

Basically, Duncan Keith is a fucking hothead.

Look, as much as our friends in British Columbia would like to believe that Keith is basically the Antichrist on skates, the fact is that he doesn't go out there like Cooke or Raffi Torres, looking for somebody with their head down. Or Shane Doan, who goes headhunting when he gets beaten on a play. Or his own teammate, Gorilla Salad, looking for anybody near the boards and not from Planet Twilo.

No, Keith can be goaded into taking dumb retaliatory shots. And now they have cost him 6 games total. And it isn't going to get any easier from here on out, because the book on Keith is clearly that when he gets mad, he gets stupid. Also, referees are not going to suddenly start giving him the benefit of the doubt when they keep seeing him do this shit.

Now, I don't know what kind of playgrounds Keith grew up playing on. But we've probably all had that experience where the second punch was the one that got caught by the teacher. And "He started it!" has never been a successful defense, dating back to Hammurabi.

For a veteran player like Keith, who is also an elite defenseman (You know he's as much of a lock for Team Canada as Jonathan Toews is), you'd think he'd know better. You'd think. When things like a slash or a blindside happen to him, he needs to just take the number and even it up later on.

Maybe then the other guy gets caught retaliating.


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