Gusher: Hawks 5, Oilers 1

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That's good stuff.  The Oilers came in to tonight's game on a 3 game winning streak, that apparently had them brimming with confidence or something.  Well, who wouldn't be confident after beating the Flames, Blue Jackets and Panthers?  I mean those are the best teams in that mirror universe where everything is the opposite of our own universe.

Granted, the Oilers do tend to give the Hawks fits, but not tonight.  Chicago jumped on Edmonton early with two goals in the first and the Oilers never looked anything like a competitive team after that.  So it goes.


Brandon Saad - Saad had one assist tonight, but that doesn't come close to describing how dominant he was out there. Saad was an absolute beast tonight, and when Hossa's return bumps him back to the 2nd line with Kane, the entire NHL should quake with fear.

Jeremy Morin - Because I know that Q reads this and we at Hockeenight pride ourselves on influencing his policies.  Seriously though, MANBEARPIG was very good in limited time (as usual).  He busted his ass up and down the ice and manufactured a goal by busting up the left side and then dishing to a wide open Andrew Shaw for a tap in.

Jonathan Toews - Early in the game Toews had short handed breakaway, and you knew there was no damn way he wasn't going to score.  He did score, but I was kind of disappointed he didn't call his shot.

Andrew Shaw - 2 goals and an assist.  I love you Andrew Shaw.


Eh, not much to go here.  Other than the Edmonton Oilers themselves. But if you want a comprehensive look at that badness, you can go  here.

Pat Foley - These late starts give Foley waaay too much time to pregame.  He was unintelligible from the word "go".


Michael Handzus, second liner - when the Hawks obtained Michael Handzus last year, he had been skating on the Sharks' fourth line.  Now, a year older and returning from a litany of injuries, Joel Quenneville decides to play him on a wing with Brandon Pirri and Patrick Kane.  The result? Pirri and Kane skating up ice while Handzus lagged behind shouting "JUST GO WITHOUT ME, I'LL MEET YOU GUYS IN THE OFFENSIVE ZONE IN 10 MINUTES!"

Up Next - The Hawks take on Calgary on Wednesday.  And maybe Crawford gets a night off?


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  • 11/26/2013 6:08 AM Liz wrote:
    How was Crow not listed in the good? His 3453th consecutive game, no biggie. Also, he can fly.
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  • 11/26/2013 10:08 AM rich l wrote:
    "Calling a bunch of buddies together before getting drunk and trying to set up some IKEA furniture." that was worth the price of dmission.

    "Just go without me." you may have hit the nail on the head

    Morin has been impressive. Can't see why Q plays Bollig or Handzus before him at the moment.

    Does anyone beside me realize we're on this winning streak without Hoss or Bicks.
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