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GAME OVER: Hawks 4, Kings 5 (OT) Kings Win Series 4-3


I’m not really sure what to say.  That game was nuts.  At the end of it there were like 5 lucky goals and the Kings got the last lucky bounce in overtime.  I’m not going to shit on any of the players.  Yes, there were mistakes, but there are mistakes in every game. It just seems like each error (for both teams) ended up in the back of the net. Series between great teams are decided by the thinnest of margins. Tonight the Kings were on the right side of the margin.
I will NOT however, let the coaching staff and front office off the hook.  The Hawks have preached depth to us for years now, but this playoffs has exposed this year’s team as shallow.  I am not sure why Joel Quenneville decided to dress Bollig and Versteeg tonight, and it appears he wasn’t sure either.  But it’s pretty obvious Joel Quenneville didn’t have 12 forwards he could trust on his roster and in that case, Stan Bowman needed to get something more than Donald Rundblad at the trade deadline. In a series as tight as this one, one more guy could have made the difference.
Oh, and that 5 on 3 power play was fucking putrid. 
So, here we are, season over without a Stanley Cup.  It happens, and it will happen again. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of turnover we see on the roster and relaxing while Fork feverishly researches for the NHL Entry Draft.
Anyway, thanks for reading and hanging in there with us. It was a good season, and a sign of what this franchise has become that a trip to the Conference Finals leaves us all feeling like there should have been more. I’m not going to give you the “Golden Age” treatment, but we should all recognize how lucky we are to see these players in their prime.  The Blackhawks window is still wide open, and we’ll all meet back here in October to start this craziness again.
Until then, good night, and good luck.
Updated: October 31, 2014 — 12:13 pm
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