We Are All Camucks - Blackhawks 5, Canucks 2

sup shithead?

Lots of dread heading into tonight's game vs. the Canucks. The Hawks are in the throes of their worst slump in two seasons and people are starting to get testy. Testy over Bryan Bickell's benching. Testy over the goaltending. Testy over the coaches. You name it and it is bothering people. 

Enter Vancouver, a mostly-familiar face and a fading rival. These games just aren't what they used to be despite the pre-game lip service you hear from coaches and players. Yeah it's always a fun game when these guys come to town and blah blah blah. From what I've seen the once great rivalry is at a point where any rational Canucks fan will cede that the Hawks are in a different class while the Canucks try and claw their way to a first round matchup with a top 4 seed. 

And then WGN and their let's say not so great production staff misspelled the word "Canucks" and there's your recap title. 

Let's put things into categories: 


- I got to watch the TSN feed. 

- Everything after period one was excellent. Four goals in the span of just over seven minutes put the game away for all intents and purposes but

- Corey Crawford made sure it stayed that way. He was quietly excellent tonight after a yippy start. He is the best goalie in the organization. That's not a commentary on his relative talent to the top goalies in the world - but if you hear someone say Raanta is better stop talking to that person. 

- For once you're all correct - the 4th line was sincerely excellent tonight. They had a shift in the third that penned in the Canucks for a good minute or so. 


- Not the best start which caused some mild panic. But these are long games and when you have an attack like the Hawks you're never out of it after an early goal against. Despite Troy Murray's seething anger that the Hawks were so disorganized in the neutral zone the Hawks figured it out. 

- It's late. 


- Camucks

Next up the Hawks take on the Sharks. It's another late start so gird your loins for guttural sounds from a drunk Pat Foley. 

Go Hawks. 


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