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LONDON CALLING: Rookie Tourney Ends with the Sens

Monday night, the Hawks rookie prospects took on the Ottawa Senators to end their three-game stint at the Budweiser Gardens.

The lines:









Mac Carruth was in goal.


The Hawks got out to a lead in the first when Mark McNeill was the “Johnny on the spot” (as the Rogers color commentator has been noted to call someone who picks up a rebound and cashes in) off of a Teuvo shot.  Ottawa’s Dzingel had a nice little backhander off of a Hawks turnover and it was 1-1.

Still in the first period, @regressedPDO’s favorite frost giant Viktor Svedberg went top shelf with very little time left to go in the period and it was 2-1 (Broadhurst and vanRiemsdyk got the assists) to end it.

OTT’s Perron gets a shot past Carruth during a two on one, and he tied the game up for the Sens… and then later in the period it was Perron again on a breakaway to make it 3-2.

In the third, Brett Weylchka was able to scrum for the puck on the boards and get it to Teuvo, who then passed it to McNeill.  McNeill’s shot deflected off of Weylchka and the game was tied up at 3.

The Senators were able to take advantage about 4:30 into the third with a Darren Kramer goal…


…and then Teuvo happened.

Looking at the replay enough times, I think Teuvo saw Mark McNeill’s reflection off the glass because he sent a no-look backwards pass to McNeill who scored easily, and once again the game was tied.


No scores happened in an OT where play lasted long enough that the first whistle after the three-minute mark happened about five minutes in, and it was Ottawa’s Paul in sudden death in the shootout winning it for the Senators.


What I saw/liked:

Brett Weylchka – Saw he’s going to Blackhawks training camp, which is good – and I hope somehow that he gets to Hogs training camp and gets an AHL contract out of it.  Yes, rookie tourney but he made that goal to tie the game at 3 happen.

Mark McNeill was everywhere last night; 2 goals, 1 assist-game for him.

Viktor Svedberg: Good to see him progress over the three games; got better with each event.  Too bad the Svedberg flip didn’t work out in the shootout.

Hope you enjoyed this first outing into writing about the Hogs. Guess we’ll meet again around Hogs preseason game one, eh?

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