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Meatball Surprise! Blackhawks 2, Scum 3 (SO)

  It was Braindead Meatball Christmas at the United Center tonight, with the Blackhawks hosting the “Magic Man” Pavel Datsyuk and his lowly band of miscreants, the Detroit Red Wings. Finally, those “Detroit Sucks!” chants emanating from the gaping pork-holes of UC super fans would have actual meaning instead of just garnering side-eye and requests […]

Motor City Bailout: Blackhawks 1, Red Wings 4

No matter how desperately the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks organization sell Chicago-Detroit games as a “rivalry renewed” or whatever shit they’re spinning, I can’t get too worked up about games against the Red Wings anymore. Meeting twice a season does not exactly a rivalry maintain. Chant “Detroit Sucks” around me and I’ll probably give […]

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