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The Hurricanes are Boring: Hawks 3, Canes 2

Ah, the Carolina Hurricanes.  A team that is synonymous with “they used to be the Whalers, right?”.
Because if we’re being honest, that’s most interesting thing about the Canes, despite the fact that they’ve actually won a Stanley Cup.  In fact, most Hawks fans were so engrossed in the arrival of Super Prospect Teuvo Teravainen that I’m guessing none of them knew who Chicago was playing tonight.  And they were right to feel that way.

Rolling: Hawks 5, Hurricanes 2

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Now that was fun.  If you’ve been reminiscing about all those games last year where the Hawks made their opponents look like they were skating in quicksand, well, you got a treat tonight.  The Blackhawks were flying tonight, and were all over the Carolina Hurricanes.  There wasn’t much to it.  Chicago was just faster and better.  They generated a shitload of chances in the first two periods, but only took a 1 goal lead into the 3rd.  Then, instead of playing tight in the final period, the Blackhawks kept attacking, and broke through with 3 goals against Carolina backup Justin Peters. 

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