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GET A BRAIN MORIN: Hawks 2, Jackets 3 (SO)


So, the Blackhawks traded Jeremy Morin to Columbus and almost immediately he got to face his old team.  Which is fine.  I’ve no beef with the Morin trade, other than it probably should have happened earlier.  Morin’s got himself a place to play and even managed to get a point since we last saw him, so that’s nice.  He was on the ice for Jack Skille’s (!) goal (!!!) tonight and was one of the few players to score in the shootout.

Anyway, there’s your Jeremy Morin update for the rest of time.  Let’s move on to the rest:

O-H-I-OMG: Blackhawks 6, Blue Jackets 1

When I started doing freelance hockey writing, I wrote for a site that didn’t make the Blackhawks beat available to me, so I chose the Columbus Blue Jackets. That was
the summer of 2012, about two months before the Rick Nash trade. After that anticlimactic crap, I quickly realized how utterly boring the Blue Jackets are. When people are confusing one of your
defensemen with a singer and the only remotely interesting player is the guy who used to play second fiddle to Ilya Bryzgalov, you’re a …

VIEW FROM THE TOP: Columbus Blue Jackets

As the self-appointed spokesmen/woman of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, we are using the idea of “To the victors go the spoils” quite seriously. What we will do between now and the night the Stanley Cup banner is raised in the United Center is point out the shortcomings of all the teams that won’t have four crisp new banners in their rafters. We continue this series with the Columbus Blue Jackets

Puckcast Recap: Hawks 5, Preds 3

So, the Hawks beat the Predators tonight, clinching at least the 7th seed in the playoffs.  Yay.  Tonight’s Puckcast with Elaine from Crash the Net glosses that over and gets down to the important issues like:

  • Which family member would Elaine replace with John Scott?
  • Where should you never put Veet?
  • Where are Steve Montador’s teeth?
  • Why CT should be father of the year.
  • Vodka vs. Malort?  WHO YA GOT?
  • Next week’s Puckcast: fart noises.

Trap Game: Hawks 4, BJs 3 (OT)

Tonight had all the makings of a classic trap game.  The Blackhawks had just smoked the rival Blues the night before in St. Louis, and probably couldn’t be blamed if they were looking ahead to a nationally televised game against the rival Red Wings on Sunday.  In between, the putrid Blue Jackets come to the United Center, and not only are they bad, but they’re without the services of the great James Wisniewski.

Postgame Puckcast: Hawks 1, BJs 0

Tonight’s Postgame Puckcast features Sarah Conners from Stanley Cup of Chowder.  I’ll be honest here, I don’t think we ever actually talked about tonight’s game, which the Hawks won 1-0.  Andrew Shaw scored, and Corey Crawford got a shutout in his return.  The rest was boring, so who cares?  Anyway, on the Puckcast:
  • John Scott would KILL Zdeno Chara.
  • The worst thing that Fork ever saw in the Nassau Coliseum.
  • Kyle Beach and his draft class (which leads to a discussion of 10 other draft classes).
  • Another pack of hockey cards.
  • A Blues writer might be dumb.
  • Kevin Hayes and his bid to join David Aardsma as an entry in Urban Dictionary.

Get The Hell Out of Dodge: Hawks 3, BJs 2 (referee’s discretion)

Last year, Columbus was a gimmee.  You know, you hit a great shot onto the green and it lands withing a few inches of the hole and you just pick that right up, no problem.  This year, the Blue Jackets look more like a 4 foot putt.  If you concentrate, you should make it every time, but if you take your eye off cup or don’t remember to check the break, you just might rim that sucker out (||).
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