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Puckcast Recap: Hawks 5, Oilers 3

Hey, the Blackhawks won tonight!  So, we’ve got that going for us.  And since it’s Sunday, Fork and CT decided that instead of writing something they’d just record some ramblings and pretend that they addressed the game in there somewhere.

Or not.
Things that might be discussed:
  • Meatball DOOMSDAY
  • The Winnipeg Jets are terrible
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs are hilarious AND terrible
  • The real story on Marian Hossa, which LAMESTREAM media is afraid to give you
  • A bunch of other stuff I don’t remember

Puckcast Recap: Hawks 5, Oilers 4

The Hawks beat the Oilers tonight, in a game that was probably closer than it needed to be.  And instead of bothering to write something, CT and Fork took the easy way out and combined the recap with the Puckcast. 

Talking points:

  • The Red Wedding Line
  • Sheldon Brookbank and Jeremy Morin
  • Should the Preds be relegated to the Metropolitan Division?
  • The Oilers rebuild is bad
  • Winnipeg doesn’t give a shit

Get This Over With: Hawks 4, Oilers 1

Once upon a time, the Hawks were a team with multiple lottery picks, who used those picks and some major free agent signings to vault themselves amongst the elite teams in the NHL and win a Stanley Cup.  This evening they faced the Edmonton Oilers who have used multiple lottery picks and Ryan Smyth to vault themselves into 13th place in the Western Conference.  Really?  13th?  Ugh.
So, tonight’s game meant very little, other than the chance for the Hawks to clinch the President’s Trophy.  You know who cares about that?  Nobody.  It’s the goddamned President’s Trophy.  It doesn’t matter unless you meet the No. 1 seed from the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals.  

GETTING FAT ON ALBERTA: Blackhawks 5, Oilers 2

The Chicago Blackhawks continued their hot streak, winning their sixth straight, all with Cristobal Huet in the pipes. They also opened up a 3-point lead on the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Central

Division, and have leapfrogged Colorado to move into the #2 spot in the Western conference. The past two games, the Hawks have been a scourge on the Province of Alberta, beating the Edmonton Oilers
5-2, after demolishing the Calgary Flames 7-1 on Thursday.

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