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Reg Fleming was a journeyman swingman, playing for 7 teams in 14 years in the NHL and WHA. He scored a playoff goal during the Hawks’ 1961 Cup run, and managed to notch a couple more goals in the 1962 playoffs.

Fleming wound up being a pioneer of sorts, being the first NHL player to be diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the brain injury that had previously been exclusive to boxers and football players.

Reg made his living with his fists, and he was tougher than a 25 cent steak throughout his NHL and WHA career. He did actually manage to have some decent scoring years, scoring 18 goals in 1964-65 with the Bruins and 23 in 1972-73 with the Chicago Cougars of the WHA.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Suck: The United Center “Metal” Band

 If you’ve been to the United Center for any of the Blackhawks’ preseason games you’ve noticed something new. Something terrible. Something that sounds like it belongs at a block party in the seventh circle of hell. A few times a game, during commercial breaks, you hear the familiar sounds of rock music over the public address system. But something’s not right. Why does this Alice in Chains song sound so off key? Why are there no words? And that’s when you see them: three of the grungiest looking meatballs forming a power trio of sonic diarrhea quarantined in their own little corner of the 200 level. Unfortunately this set up prevented me from snapping some action shots including the guitarist doing what I think was supposed to be an Angus Young impression.

Friday Night Fights – The St. Louis Blues Preview Edition

“This season it’s going to be different, you guys,” – a mouthbreather


This is not only the constant refrain of the St. Louis Blues and their fan base, but seemingly they’ve managed to convince a lot of the neutrals to hop on their hopeless bandwagon. The Blues have been on the verge of breaking through for what seems like an eternity. Every year you can count on people pointing to the young players that are finally going to come around, the goaltender that’s finally going to shoulder the load and of course, they’re going to remain injury free. Except every year since 2006 it hasn’t been the year. Amazingly, John Davidson, who got what must have been the verbal equivalent of five million blow jobs from everyone claiming that he’d bring the Blues back to respectability, has been President of hockey operations since that year. What has he accomplished? One playoff appearance resulting in a sweep at the hands of the Vancouver Canucks. Five year plan?  We need more time. Let’s face it: the Blues are the Detroit Lions of the NHL. They’re everyone’s preseason darlings yet their insufferable fans are impossible to root for. And they draft too many wide receivers.

Friday Night Fights: Remembering Wade Belak/Big Buff is Big

This has been a terrible offseason for the NHL. I hesitate to use the word ‘family’ because I’m not part of the NHL family in any way but I can imagine for anyone who is connected to the three players who have died since Boston hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup in June has had a difficult time processing all of this. I’ve seen it on Twitter. I’ve seen the articles. I’ve seen the insensitive comments that have led to bitter backlash. None of it has been pretty and everyone deals with loss in their own way. I’ve found it best to stay out of the way (though I guess that’s about to change right now). I didn’t know these people personally and I don’t know anything about what they’ve been going through. I have, however, seen depression first hand and it’s serious. Just because someone appears happy doesn’t mean that the bad thoughts aren’t inside wreaking havoc. I can only hope people who need help can muster up the strength to speak up and get it as soon as possible.


Today was the start of the Unrestricted Free Agent signings, and the Chicago Blackhawks had a decent stack of cash. They landed their big fish yesterday, signing defenseman Steve Montador to a four year deal worth $11 million.

Today, while the Sabres, Oilers and Panthers were in some sort of stupid-off for free agent signings, Hawks’ GM Stan Bowman managed to add a lot of character, as well as 148 years, with 4 free agent signings.

Let’s take a look:

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