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NEEDA DRINKEN: Hawks 1, Canadiens 2 (OT)

If I were superstitious, I’d take a serious look at the Hawks’ record on nights when Hockeenight holds its GONNA DRINKENs.  As far as I remember (and my memory sucks) the Hawks have played like shit every time we’ve had one.  They haven’t lost all those games, although I think the only win came in REY ARMORY’S larcenous outing against Calgary last year, but the best team effort we’ve all seen together was probably last year’s season finale in which the Hawks dressed 15 minor leaguers against the St. Louis Blues.


So next Saturday, August 3rd, we will all gather at Galway Bay (500 W. Diversey) to bid Slak farewell. Slak is moving to Norway in order to get Cathymay15 to record Holiday Road for next year’s playoffs.
Besides, since he’s never played internationally, he can probably skate on the top 6 for Norway in the Olympics.
So come on down, buy Slak a Miller Lite (he loves that shit), and wish him well.
There might even be some music:

GONNA DRINKEN: Why are you even here?

Seriously, you’re not here looking for a recap, right?  Because there is none.  The entire recap team was a healthy scratch tonight for GONNA DRINKEN 2 at Galway Bay.
“But wait,” you say.  “This is different, it’s the Blues and that means we’re supposed to get one of Slak’s awesome HATECAPS!!!”
No dice.  Slak is just a man (or at least, a sentient beard with legs) and he needs a night off too.  If it means that much to you, just go back and read these. 
Oh, and if for some reason you’re Barrett Jackman: YOUR HOCKEY’S BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!

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