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NEEDA DRINKEN: Hawks 1, Canadiens 2 (OT)

If I were superstitious, I’d take a serious look at the Hawks’ record on nights when Hockeenight holds its GONNA DRINKENs.  As far as I remember (and my memory sucks) the Hawks have played like shit every time we’ve had one.  They haven’t lost all those games, although I think the only win came in REY ARMORY’S larcenous outing against Calgary last year, but the best team effort we’ve all seen together was probably last year’s season finale in which the Hawks dressed 15 minor leaguers against the St. Louis Blues.

And To All A Good Night…Hawks 5, Habs 1

Well, there’s an early Christmas present.  While there still plenty of argument over exactly how good the Hawks are, I think we can safely say they are not bad.  Chicago is growing fat on the steady diet of junk food teams the league has fed them this month, and tonight was no different.  A lousy Montreal team came into the United Center, and despite falling behind 1-0 on a power play goal, the Hawks flexed their muscle (and talent) and beat the Habs fairly easily.

DRESSED TO KILL: Blackhawks 3, Canadiens 2

The Chicago Blackhawks returned to an NHL ice surface tonight after the abysmal surface in Nashville last night, playing a Halloween Eve match in front of over 20,000 in the United Center. Some people were dressed absurdly, and others wore Halloween costumes.

Before we get started, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think Jonathan Toews and Adam Burish were worth 2000, at the very least.

Cristobal Huet was in net once again for the Hawks, marking his fourth start in a row, while Carey Price was in pipes for Montreal.

Once again, QStache dressed 7 defensemen, figuring he could get by with 11 forwards. Good planning, right?

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