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ALL IS LOST: Hawks 1, Flyera 4

Rocky Steps 2

The Philadelphia Flyers are a giant sentient trash heap.  Their offseason was a travesty of a mockery of a sham.  They bought out Daniel Briere’s terrible contract, only to turn around and give $6 million to Vincent Lecavalier aka Tall Daniel Briere.  They traded Scott Hartnell who is usefull for RJ Umberger who sucks rocks and is out with a hip injury.  They hired Ron Hextall (who is insane) to be their GM but left him with Craig Berube as coach, probably because Berube lost the key to the coach’s office and is the only one to knows how to jimmy the door open.


Tonight the Chicago Blackhawks put their 7-out-of-8 points streak on the line as the Philadelphia Flyers oozed into the United Center. The Hawks were without starting goaltender Corey Crawford, who is out with the “upper body injury” that could be anything from the heartbreak of psoriasis to decapitation. In his place was Antti Raanta. Also, […]

VIEW FROM THE TOP: Philadelphia Flyers


As the self-appointed spokesmen/woman of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, we are using the idea of “To the victors go the spoils” quite seriously. What we will do between now and the night the Stanley Cup banner is raised in the United Center is point out the shortcomings of all the teams that won’t have four crisp new banners in their rafters. We continue this series with the *snort* Philadelphia Flyers.

Nut Up: Hawks 7, Flyers 4

Well, you can unclench now. If you’re like me, you spent most of your day anxiously waiting for this game to start. It wasn’t even that I was worried about the outcome, I just wanted to get it started and let the chips fall where they may.
There has been much talk during this series about “momentum”. The Hawks won two one goal games and had it. Then the Flyers won an overtime goal and they had it. Then Philly won again and thus really had the momentum. They had it all going into tonight.

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