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DO IT YOURSELF RECAP: Chicago Blackhawks at San Jose Shorks


Look, I’d be lying if we bloggers didn’t hit the same January doldrums that hockey teams do. While I’m sure our witty bon mots can enhance your Blackhawks’ game viewing experience, even we have stuff to do. So for tonight, we’re giving you tools the tools so you can write the recap your damn self. And hell, best part is that your recap will be different from everyone else’s! Hooray!

PUCKCAST RECAP: Hawks 2, Sharks 3 (SO)

The Hawks lost in a shootout to San Jose tonight.  So naturally Fork and CT had Krista of Masters of The Madhouse to talk about the game for 5 minutes and then get on to important things like:

  • Who should wear number 69 (hint: GREG MCKEGG)
  • The weather sucks
  • GONNA DRINKEN on January 11th at Galway Bay
  • Related: discussion of that weird pizza from Yakzies
  • Krista’s route to GONNA DRINKEN
  • World Juniors
  • Teuvo Teräväinen
  • Fork and CT pawn more recaps off on other people

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