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The Great Shark Hunt: Hawks 5, Sharks 1

Now that’s more like it.
On Saturday, the Hawks got stomped by the godawful Predators.  On my drive home from GONNA DRINKEN, panicky meatballs throughout Chicago were calling Judd Sirrot to inform him that the team was too small, soft, lazy, satisfied and any number of things.  One thing was certain: the Hawks were exposed and their confidence was surely shaken by this turn of events.  Losing Marian Hossa would derail the season.  Especially with the big, bad Sharks coming the next day.

Broken Record: Hawks 2, Sharks 1

One way or the other, I’m glad that’s over.  Yes, it’s great that the Hawks have broken the record for consecutive points earned in games to start the season, but do we really care?  I mean, other than the fact that the Hawks have established themselves Stanley Cup contenders already, the record itself doesn’t get me that excited.  I mean, who can get that hyped up over breaking a mark set by the Anaheim Ducks?

Blood In the Water: Hawks 3 Sharks 5


This is not good.  But you didn’t need me to tell you that(who am I kidding?  You’re dumb as toast.  You couldn’t put your shoes on in the morning without Hockeenight’s help).  The Hawks have now lost 7 straight games, and have registered exactly 1 point on their current road trip.  Two of their top 6 defensemen are out of the lineup with injury, Patrick Sharp is playing with a broken bone in his wrist, and it’s become obvious at this point that something is not right with Jonathan Toews.  

Spectacular Seconds: Hawks, Sharks

Man, that was fun.    I thought after the first period that this had the making of a frustrating game.  The Hawks had for a large part of the first skated circles around the Sharks, but were down 2-1 after the first 20 minutes, aided in part by a bad call that gave the Sharks a 5 on 3 power play on which they scored their first goal.  And with a surging Antti Niemi between the pipes, I thought for sure we’d spend the rest of the night cursing him as he turned aside chance after chance.

Shark Bait: Hawks 3, Sharks 5

Man, that was NOT what the Blackhawks needed. The team definitely came out with more life against the San Jose Sharks. For those who want to label them soft, the Hawks were credited with nearly twice as many hits as the Sharks (42/23). There was plenty of jam or muscle or whatever the fuck you want to call it. The problem was, the Hawks took a shitload of penalties, and the penalty kill is just no damn good this year.

Get The Point: Hawks 1, Sharks 2 (OT)

Two things you can always depend on at the Shark Tank: games will start late, and Brian Campbell will be booed by idiots.  I will say this was a fun game to watch.  While it was low scoring, both teams came out aggressive in the first period, and tried to set the tone physically.  There was lots of hitting, very few penalties (called) and very good up and down action.  In the end, the Hawks simply couldn’t get that second goal and that limited them to 1 point on the night.

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